August 30


During his detention at a Chiang Kai-Shek army prison in Guang Xi , Nguyen Ai Quoc, (an alias of President Ho Chi Minh) asked Vuong Tich Co, who was in sympathy with Vietnamese revolution, to send  a letter to Le Quang Ba, a Viet Minh’s member was secretly carrying on revolutionary mission in border areas between Vietnam and China.

The file photo shows President Ho Chi Minh welcoming couragous children from the south.

In the letter Nguyen Ai Quoc wanted to inform his situation to his comrades and get in touch with them again.


On this day, which fell in the fifteenth day of the lunar seventh month, President Ho Chi Minh wrote a letter to the Association of Vietnamese Buddhists. In the letter he wrote: “On the occasion of the Buddha Festival I pray for the country, the people. I would like to send all members of the Association of Vietnamese Buddhists my best regards”.

“Since our country has become a democratic republic and our Constitution has respected freedom of religion, the Buddhism has actually developed. This means the developed Buddhism resulted from an independent fatherland”.

“The Buddha with great compassion always desires to save living beings from wretched life. He had to sacrifice himself, fight against evil spirit”.

“Nowadays, our people are uniting, sacrificing lives, properties to the Resistance, determined to fight to the end for country’s independence and unification. It means we are following the Buddha to fight for saving our people from wretched and slavish life”.

“Buddhists have contributed too much to the Resistance. I would like to express my gratitude to people and Buddhists and desire you to attempt until the victory day.”


President Ho Chi Minh sent condolences to relatives of William Edward Burghardt Du Bois - an American civil rights activist, Pan-African, sociologist, historian, author, and editor.

The telegraph wrote: “Hearing from comrade Du Bois’ death, I would like to express my regret and emotion. During his life Uncle Dubois fought against racism policies, for great ideals, peace, freedom, justice and progress of humankind”.


Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper published an article by President Ho Chi Minh under the pseudonym Chien Si (Soldier). The article, entitled “Americans are losing”, made a press review from western newspapers that talked about the US loss in the American War in Vietnam.

The article affirmed: “if American imperialists continue provocation, bombing the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, they will suffer the same fate with French colonialists in Dien Bien Phu”.  


The President sent a letter to honor northern people and army who had shot down 500 American warplanes.

In the letter, he said: “More American aggressors suffer a heavy defeat more they struggle and think of cunning plots”.

Fellow citizens should not be subjective and underestimate enemies… You should continue the tradition of the August Revolution, be determined to protect the north, support the revolution in the south, speed up the anti-American resistance to the victory.


President’ health continued to worsen. On this day afternoon the President regained consciousness and asked Prime Minister Pham Van Dong about activities celebrating the National Day (September 2).

“You must let off fireworks to encourage people’s spirit”, the President recommended.

He also asked about water level on Red River and reminded the PM and other leaders to be on the alert for floods caused by the river.

By Duong Trung Quoc and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Dong Nghi

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