August 9


The Journal du Peuple newspaper published “Letter to Khai Dinh”, the 12th Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam, signed by Nguyen Ai Quoc. At the time, the French colonial government was sending King Khai Dinh to France to take part in an international fair in Marseille.

             President Ho Chi Minh

With a humorous and witty style of writing, the letter warned the puppet King, “Mingled with the roaring sound of waves are outrageous shrieks of the people in oppressed nations in general and those in your own country.”

He added, “And if you have a little sense of imagination, you will see that the people’s will, which has been strengthened through poverty and misery – such will is much stronger than big waves that will finally overturn a large rock that seems to sit firmly on the ground. The rock stands for the force of the ruling class, you know.”


In an editorial published in the Independent Vietnam newspaper, President Ho Chi Minh wrote, “There are two ways that lead us to ignorance and cowardice. One is suppressing facts, the other deception.”

He emphasized, “The objective of the French’s demagogy is to turn us into stupid people, but the purpose of the Independent Vietnam newspaper is to awake us to revolutionary ideas so that we can stand together to fight against the French and Japanese to achieve independence and freedom for the country.”


After detaining President Ho Chi Minh for a long time, and even transferring him from one prison to another for various reasons, the Kuomintang government in Guangxi finally had no choice but to release him.

Before leaving the prison, President Ho Chi Minh spoke to General Chang Fa-K'uei, “I’ m a communist, but what worries me most now is how to gain the independence and freedom for my country, not communism.”


President Ho Chi Minh visited Museum Guimet in Paris, where a famous collection on oriental culture was kept. He also paid the general secretary of the Popular Party a visit and met with a reporter from the Libération newspaper.


The French army withdrew from Bac Kan Town, Bac Kan Province. On the occasion of the first town being liberated, Uncle Ho wrote a letter to people of the province to laud their feat of arms.

At the same time he recommended, “The more the French fail, the more risks they will take in re-guard actions. The more resounding victories we gain, the more cautious we should be. We should never underestimate the enemy nor delude ourselves.”


Addressing the meeting at the Politburo to outline strategies for the national liberation war, Uncle Ho judged that the war would last for years and appealed to the army and people to be patient and wait for their chance.


President Ho Chi Minh sent a thank you message to Bertrand Russell, British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, social reformer, socialist and pacifist, for accusing the US of expanding the war into the North of Vietnam.

At the same time, Uncle Ho affirmed that the Vietnamese government and people always respect the Geneva Agreement, as well as being ready to fight for the independence and freedom of the country.

By Duong Trung Quoc and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly 

Translated by Phuong Lan

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