December 3


From Guangzhou, China, Nguyen Ai Quoc, under the pseudonym Nilovski, wrote a report to the Presidium of the International Farmers about how he collected information about Chinese farmers and offered his opinions on the organization’s bimonthly publication focusing on farmers’ issues.

President Ho Chi Minh meets farmers in Tuyen Quang Province in 1953 (File photo)

Early December 1944

Ho Chi Minh called in Vo Nguyen Giap and Vu Anh to Pac Bo in Cao Bang Province for a meeting to discuss revolutionary activities in the northern provinces of Cao Bang, Bac Kan, and Lang Son.

At the meeting, Vo Nguyen Giap was assigned to establish regular armed forces. While seeing Giap off, Ho Chi Minh said: “Keep it a secret! You should come and go without a trace. Try to create a diversion so that the enemy thinks we are in the east while in fact we are in the west.”


Speaking at a conference of ethnic minority people, President Ho Chi Minh said: “Due to the solidarity between all ethnicities in the nation’s struggle, Vietnam has now achieved independence. All ethnic peoples are equal to each other and are like brothers in a family, despite differences in skin color or language. All ethnic peoples united in the struggle for independence; now all of them should remain united to safeguard that independence.”
Regarding the Government’s duties, he said: “The Government will abolish backward customs and discrimination to ensure equality for all ethnic peoples. It will support ethnic minority peoples by developing agriculture, providing education to everybody, and listening to everybody’s aspirations. All ethnic peoples must endeavor to safeguard independence, freedom, and peace.”

In an open letter sent the same day to ethnic minority peoples, he said: “Today, December 3, is a glorious day for Vietnam … More than 20 ethnic peoples have reunited in friendship. The day marks a gathering that brings the greatest happiness to the nation …”


At the third session of the first National Assembly, discussing the country’s diplomatic policies, the President cited what he said to a Swedish journalist: “We support the world’s movements for peace, but we will never have the illusion that peace is easy to achieve. Peace can only be achieved through hard struggle.” 


Attending a Politburo meeting on the implementation of the Geneva Agreement, the President said: “Externally, our policy now is to confront the US while trying to make peace with France. The media should be prudent, offering comments only when necessary. Internally, our major duty is to resolve problems related to food, employment, and tax. Culture and art must serve the fight against the American invaders.”


Speaking at the sixth conference of the Party Central Committee to discuss the establishment of the Southern Party Committee, the President said: “Now that the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam has been established, the South should also have a Party unit.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Truc Thinh

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