January 28

Uncle Ho returned home after conducting Party business abroad for 30 years. He had left the country from Nha Rong wharf in Saigon and returned to the North to begin a decisive struggle to liberate the nation.


Uncle Ho speaks to the faculty and students at Ha Noi technology university on lunar New Year’s Day, 1958

He became a chief of state.  He wrote an article titled “Self-criticism” in National Salvation newspaper under nom de guerre Ho Chi Minh in which he reviewed the national situation after four months of tireless efforts by the Government and people.
There had been many achievements but in the article he was self-effacing: “Fellow citizens have done their best in the face of difficulties -- some helped with their labor and others with money. I have been worried day and night about performing my duties so that I do not betray people’s trust. Because of my inability, I have yet to satisfy people’s expectations…. The Government headed by me has yet to do anything remarkable for people."
“The shortcomings can be blamed on the paucity of time, newness of the country, and certain other reasons. But I have to admit that successes come from people’s efforts while the shortcomings are my fault. People are not gods, no one can avoid failings. We are not afraid of shortcomings, only of lacking the determination to eliminate them.
“From now I hope my fellow citizens will try to help me remedy them in many ways – firstly by properly and thoroughly implementing the Government’s instructions. The fate of our country is in our hands. If we are all united and single-minded, we will surely win.”
Uncle Ho visited and spoke at the Central Police School.

He said: “Individualism is like a bacterium that causes many diseases like fear of difficulties and misery, doing things whenever one likes, and not doing when one doesn’t … If you want to serve people well, you have to follow public policies. If you are trusted, liked, and respected by people, you can do anything.”
He wrote a poem to celebrate Tet on January 28, the lunar New Year.
Mừng nước ta 15 năm Xuân xanh
Congratulate our country for 15 years of celebrating Tet
Mùng Đảng chúng ta 30 tuổi trẻ
Congratulate our Party for being 30 years old
Chúc đồng bào ta đoàn kết thi đua
Congratulate our fellow citizens for uniting to emulate
Xây dựng miền Bắc xã hội chủ nghĩa
Building socialism in the North 
Chúc đồng bào ta bền bỉ đấu tranh
Congratulate our fellow citizens for taking up an enduring struggle 
Thành đồng miền Nam vững bền mạnh mẽ
The bulwark of the South is firm and strong.
Cả nước một lòng, hăng hái tiến lên
The whole country goes forward enthusiastically together
Thống nhất nước nhà, Bắc Nam vui vẻ
The country is unified, the North and South are happy.
By Duong Trung Quoc* and co-writers 

*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Anh Minh

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