July 11


French secret agency reports revealed clandestine meetings between members of the Vietnamese Patriotic Group in France, including Phan Chu Trinh and Nguyen Ai Quoc, at the home of lawyer Phan Van Truong, 6 Villa des Gobellin Street in Paris.


Uncle Ho and children

Viet Nam Doc Lap (Vietnam Independence) newspaper published a poem by Uncle Ho, “A gift to Marshal Pétain,” in which he criticized the deceitful policies of the man who had surrendered himself to the German fascists in France and Japanese fascists in Indochina.

Uncle Ho wrote:

“He boasted that he has saved the country,
In fact, he is the person that sold it to the enemy.
He has left a stain on his reputation,
But wishes his name go down in history.”


President Ho Chi Minh got in touch with Vietnamese people living in France.

He not only met with a number of French political and social organizations, such as French Primary School Teachers’ General Association and the France –Vietnam Friendship Association, but also many local politicians and celebrities from intellectual circles, including poet Aragon, scientist Marie Curie, leader of French Communist Party M. Thorez, French Minister for Overseas Affairs M. Moutet and Prime Minister G. Bidault.

In contact with the France –Vietnam Friendship Association, an organization founded by French celebrities to support Vietnamese people’s struggle for independence and freedom, President Ho Chi Minh said, “You all see my strong desire and my people’s earnest aspirations for setting up a friendship between France and Vietnam.

“The France of the great revolution in 1778, the France of the resistant war against Germany,” he added, “has been a symbol for the ideals of freedom and democracy. And Vietnam’s struggle for independence and freedom is to just follow the path of democratic ideals set out by French pioneers.”


Nhan Dan (People) newspaper published an article by Uncle Ho, “Government Bonds,” under the pseudonym D.X., in which he assessed the results of the Government’s recent issuance of bonds.

To criticize the unnecessary bureaucracy he saw in some of state officials, Uncle Ho said, “Public servants from State organizations and agencies should not abuse their power, otherwise they will be ostracized by the people.”


President Ho Chi Minh took part in a festival organized for the army in the morning. He told the soldiers, “You all must be imbued with the spirit of standing on your own feet. You should exercise thrift and at the same time increase production so that you can supply adequate food for yourselves. This will help reduce the need for contributions from the people.”

The president recited some lines of verse as a gift to the soldiers:

“Workers, farmers and soldiers stand together
Raising the flag of great unity
Socialism will win after all,
And the North, South and Central will achieve national unity.”

In the afternoon, President Ho Chi Minh attended the closing ceremony of an exhibition, “Children exercise five things taught by Uncle Ho,” and enjoyed a music and dance show performed by children at the Presidential Palace, which had been used as a playground for children during the summer.

By Duong Trung Quoc* and co-writers
*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly 

Translated by Phuong Lan

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