July 25

A letter from Nguyen Ai Quoc (or Ho Chi Minh) to France’s Colonial Minister Albert Sarraut was printed on newspaper L’Humanite. The letter, written in a comic style, criticized France’s colonial policy and overly strict control of Vietnamese living in France, and made jokes on French secret agents. 

A filed photo of President Ho Chi Minh

From Viet Bac Base, via A. Thomas, head of the US intelligence unit OSS, President Ho Chi Minh sent out a message to the French government about independence of the Vietnamese people after they beat Japanese fascism in Indochina. The message included five contents: building French-Vietnamese parliament toward full independence; this process would take 5-10 years; natural resources must be returned to the people; Vietnam gets all liberty rights issued by the United Nations; and bans opium sales.

Closing a cabinet meeting, when mentioning the nation’s resistance duty, Uncle Ho wrote, “As a bird needs two wings to fly, two main forces are needed to win a war: military and politics… France has no ideas about politics and shrinks in military. Both their wings have turned weaker and this could lead them to failure. As for us, politics is clear and military keeps making progress. Our two wings are already strong and get stronger and stronger; therefore, we will surely win. Additionally, the world’s situations are in favor of us. Our wings are strong, the wind supports, our troops and people, please try more. A sounding victory is close ahead.”

Uncle Ho talked at a meeting in a festival for outstanding railway workers. Uncle Ho said, “Without knowledge, you can not study techniques. If you cannot study techniques, you cannot keep track with the demand of the economy. But you have to pay close attention to politics because with knowledge and techniques but without politics, you walk like a walking person with closed eyes.”

Marking the 10th anniversary of Cuba’s Moncada Uprising, Uncle Ho sent congratulations to Cuban leaders. The letter wrote that the Vietnamese people were proud of the heroic Cuban people and considered the Cuban’s victories as the Vietnamese people’s victories.

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Tuong Thuy

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