July 28

The French police reported that Nguyen Ai Quoc attended a meeting held by the Committee of Trade Unions Federation of District 17 in Paris.

President Ho Chi Minh working outside his Na Lua tent where he lived and worked from late May to August 22, 1945 to direct the August Revolution

Hanoi publication Notre Voix (Our Voice) carried an article titled “Letter from China – Activities of Trotskyists in China” Ho Chi Minh wrote under the pseudonym PC Lin.
It condemned their political trend for arousing regionalism in people to destroy the Solidarity Front policy created by the Chinese revolution.
Late July 1945
General Vo Nguyen Giap said at that time, Uncle Ho was critically ill and lived in Na Lua tent.

One day he stayed with him in the tent and Uncle Ho, who was running a high fever, advised: “A good opportunity has come; [we] must be determined to gain independence even if [we] have to sacrifice [ourselves] and burn the Truong Son Range for it.”
On receiving an invitation from Raymond Aubrac, former Republic party member of Marseille city and parliamentarian, and his wife, Ho Chi Minh went to their house.
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrac were famous for fighting fascism.
“Journey Diary” said “When Mr. and Mrs. Aubrac had heard that President Ho wanted to go on a vacation to the countryside, they immediately sent him an invitation. When the President arrived, they took good care of him. All of them felt very comfortable there.”
Nhan Dan published an article titled “The Geneva Conference achieved a great victory” he wrote under the pseudonym C.B.
He counseled: “[We] have to show solidarity, think and act in unison, and do [our] best to attain independence and build the nation. We won the war, we will [also] win the peace.”

Nhan Dan published an article titled “Support American people’s fight” he wrote under the pseudonym Chien Si (Soldier).
It said: “The Black American union has joined the movement against US invaders in South Vietnam. Of course, the Vietnamese people have a lot of sympathy and support for them in their fight for freedom and equality. Though our skin colors are different, Vietnamese and Black Americans all fight the US imperialists. Justice, the Southern people and Black American brothers will certainly win.”
He wrote a story titled “Have to be ready to prevent typhoon” on Nhan Dan advising that “The ancients said ‘Water, fire, and robbers’. It means that [we] have to stave off floods like burglary. If we carry out timely preparations, we won’t be afraid of a hurricane, no matter how huge it is. We absolutely should not let the grass grow under our feet.”
On the same day he gave an interview to Cuban journalists. He analyzed US policies in the American  War in Vietnam and said: “It is a vicious cycle that is trapping American imperialists and will finally make them suffer a complete defeat in Vietnam.”
Speaking at a Politburo meeting on returning prisoners of war, he said: “Some may be released on Christmas or Independence Day but don’t think because of that the US won’t destroy dykes.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Hoang Yen

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