July 4


Inprekorr Journal of the Communist International published a speech by Nguyen Ai Quoc (Nguyen the Patriot, an early alias of Ho Chi Minh) at the eighth session of the organization’s Fifth Congress.

Young oversea Vietnamese came back for the contest "Telling Stories of Uncle Ho" held in 2008

In the speech, Nguyen Ai Quoc gave a powerful message: “Here I would like to stress to delegations from colonial countries, the future of the proletarian class in the world depends on colonies. They are food and soldier suppliers to imperialist countries. If we want to defeat imperialists, we must begin with the end of their colonies.”


President Ho Chi Minh visited a cemetery on Mont Valerien where French guerrillas killed by German fascists in WWII had been buried.

The President said: “Looking at French guerrillas killed for independence and freedom, I am thinking of Vietnamese soldiers and revolutionists who fought for independence and freedom and who were also massacred.

“In all countries, independence and freedom are achieved in the same way, by blood and bodies of soldiers and national unity.”

Visiting Napoleon’s mausoleum, the President said:
“The Chinese have a very good expression:

Xưa kia rất mực anh hùng
Being a hero in the old day

Mà nay nằm đó lạnh lung lắm ru
And now lying cold under ground

“The expression is suitable to Napoleon’s status. Many people were defeated because of the lack of moderation. But descendants do not remember forebear s’ experiences.” 

The same day, the President attended the official welcome ceremony and party held by Paris’ City Hall. The French Prime Minister and other government ministers also attended.

Replying to words in praise from Paris Mayor, the President honored: “Paris is the source of revolution. Paris will help other nations achieve their right to enjoy independence.”

On the same day the Philippines announced its independence. The President sent a congratulatory telegraph to the country.

The President wrote: “All nations have experienced the same pains [to achieve independence]. They will cooperate for permanent peace and truthful democracy. Free Vietnam is expecting great success in such cooperation.”


Nhan Dan newspaper published an article by the President, “Comparison,” in which he compared good characters who have been honored with tax dodgers.

The author called tax dodgers “inhumane.”


In Nhan Dan, the President wrote “Visiting the Museum of Revolution.”

In the article the President said: “If people are given notice, they will recognize that visiting the museum of revolution is like studying a set of books of the revolutionary history […] If everybody is imbued with fortitude spirit and resilience learned from the museum, we will achieve success in everything. 


President Ho Chi Minh held a reception to welcome J. Saintony, the French president’s envoy.

In the talk with Mr Saintony, the President sent a message: “If you have an opportunity to meet Americans, please tell them that we are not frightened of them, we will fight to the end despite sacrificing everything.

“Everything would be resolved if Americans withdrew. But if there is still an American imperialist in our country, we still continue our fight.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and co-writers
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Viet Trung

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