March 13

President Ho Chi Minh presided over a Government Council meeting to review the implementation of the Preliminary Agreement signed on March 6, nominate someone to France and China on diplomatic missions, decide to make an announcement criticizing France for not strictly implementing the Agreement, and tell France it would be responsible if the situation worsens.

On his way home from a visit to the Soviet Union and China, passing through Changsha, capital city of China’s Hunan Province, he composed a poem in Chinese.
Changsha was previously a battlefield
Every castle was a wound
China is now liberated
Changsha will no be longer miserable
At the first conference of the Party Central Executive Committee’s 2nd tenure, as Party President he said: “Our advantages are basic, and the enemy’s difficulties are basic too.”
“Our resistance is a long and arduous fight. Wanting to win quickly is not right. [We] have to reconcile to a long-term and arduous resistance to overcome all difficulties and be determined to gain victory at the end.”

President Ho Chi Minh at a school for ethnic minority children during a visit to Thai Nguyen Province in March 1960

Uncle Ho visited Thai Nguyen Province, a revolutionary base and former resistance hub. He met and spoke with people there, visited the construction sites of the Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Zone, Cao Ngan Power Plant, and some schools, and attended a conference of socialist republic youth in the self-governing area of Viet Bac.
President Ho Chi Minh bid goodbye to a high-ranking Lao delegation led by King Xrivang Vathana and Prince and Prime Minister Suvanna Phuma, who paid a friendly visit to Vietnam on March 10.
He composed a poem in their honor:

[If we] love each other, no matter how many mountains there are, we still climb
No matter how many rivers there are, we still wade
No matter how many mountain passes there are, we still pass
The love between Vietnam and Laos is deeper than Hong Ha and Cuu Long Rivers
At a Politburo meeting to discuss the revolution in the South held in March 1965, he said, “[We] have to work astutely and cautiously for China and the Soviet Union not to misunderstand [us], and China and the Soviet Union not to misunderstand each other.”
On an unspecified day in March 1962, he wrote to Nouvell Critique, published in France, praising the newspaper for publishing a special issue on Vietnam.
The letter said: “I hope you will find here a sign showing our efforts in what is also a great fight for all nations, friendship, liberation, peace, human dignity, and cooperation between nations.”
“I am happy if these matters will be appreciated by French workers, farmers and intellectuals, of whom I still have good memories.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and co-writers
*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Minh Thu

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