March 17


Communist International’s Inprekorr magazine published a “Letter from India” by Nguyen Ai Quoc under the pseudonym Wang about the Indian people’s fight against the Britain imperialists’ “divide and rule” policy. He wrote: “The country’s spirit has never been energized like now, not even at the peak of the Gandhi nonviolence movement.”


Ho Chi Minh led a Viet Minh delegation to meet with the US’ Air Ground Aid Section (AGAS) in Kunming, China, to discuss cooperation in the fight against the Japanese in Indochina. The previous year Lieutenant Shaw’s plane had been shot down by the Japanese and he had been rescued by Viet Minh.

The first cover of the book "The OSS and Ho Chi Minh-Unexpected Allies in the War against Japan" by Dixee R. Bartholomew-Feis- professor of history and Study Abroad Coordinator at Buena Vista University

The US sent Lieutenant Charles Fenn to meet President Ho Chi Minh. Ch. Fenn said later: “I asked him what he wanted from America. He said that he wanted the Americans to recognize his organization. I had heard he was a communist. I told him about the rumor. He said the French called all Vietnamese who want independence for their country communists.”

The meeting was very effective in establishing cooperation between the two sides in the fight against the Japanese.


On his way home from China, while passing through Tian Yang, Guangxi, President Ho Chi Minh wrote a poem titled “Dropping into Tian Yang at noon” which was translated into Vietnamese by Phan Van Cac:

Đến Thiên Giang kể chuyện Thiên Giang
Coming to Tian Yang, telling stories of Tian Yang

Xuân tới bờ sông bát ngát sương
Tian Yang riverbanks are shrouded in immense mist in spring

Xe thù ngàn cỗ thành tro xám
Thousands of enemy carriages turned into grey ash

Hồng quân thẳng tiên Trấn Nam Quan
Red Army advances toward Nam Quan


Speaking at a conference held to launch a production and saving competition, President Ho Chi Minh said: “Planning for production and saving is a democratic plan from central to local levels. To achieve success we need three conditions: clement weather, advantageous location, and united people, with a united people being the major factor.”

The President also said: “Bureaucracy is a good ground for seeding bribery and squander. So every locality and agency must educate officials and people to abhor bureaucracy.”


President Ho Chi Minh visited a class for common people to encourage volunteer-teachers and learners.


Visiting a common dining-hall at Kim Lien apartment block, the first apartment block in Ha Noi and built by Soviet experts, President Ho Chi Minh said: “Kim Lien means Golden Lotus and  the lotus is very fragrant, hence the refectory must be ‘perfumed’ in its services and ensure workers’ health.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and co-writers
*The author is an historian and member of the National Assembly


Translated by Dong Nghi

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