May 16


French newspaper La Vie Ouvrière published an article, “Russian revolution and colonial nations,” by Nguyen Ai Quoc – Nguyen the Patriot, an alias of Ho Chi Minh. 

In the article he wrote: “Capitalism is a leech that attaches one of its tentacles to the proletarian class in the metropolitan country and the other to proletarian class in colonial nations. To kill that creature, you need to cut off both of its tentacles. If only one tentacle is axed, the other still continues to suck the blood of the proletarian class. It continues to live its life and the cut tentacle re-grows.”

The file photo shows Uncle Ho welcoming Hanoi's children at the Presidential Palace in 1959

Nguyen Ai Quoc affirmed, “The Russian revolution has taught colonial countries to fight and help them, as Lenin announced in his theory about colonialism.”

He also valued the Eastern University where he attended in the Soviet Union, as a place to the nurture future of colonial nations.


President Ho Chi Minh attended a Government Council meeting, continuing to review results of the Da Lat Preparatory Conference where Vietnamese and French delegations discussed arrangements for  the Fontainebleau  Conference in July 1946.

On the same day, he issued a decree on land and field tax in the Northern Vietnam.


The President presided at a Government Council meeting to prepare a report for the tenth session, the last session of the first National Assembly.

He also visited the second political re-education course for policeman.

Talking to participants the President stressed, “Communist thoughts and egoism are compared to un-husked rice and weeds. Rice needs care to grow well, while weeds develop without any care. Man must be trained to have communist ideas.

“The people have millions of ears and eyes, our enemy is hard to hide any crime. If you win the people’s hearts, you will surely be successful in your duties. To have the support of the people, you ought to improve your communist ethics and fight against individualism.”


The President gave Hanoi children a deer from Moc Chau farm to breed in the Hanoi Zoo.


At a farewell ceremony for Chinese President Liu Shaoqi's visit to Vietnam, the President stressed the friendship between China and Vietnam, as well as the solidarity between socialist nations and communist parties are inestimable, and ensuring revolution's victory.


Following the invitation of President Mao Zedong, President Ho Chi Minh met with Mao at Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province in south China.


After rewriting his will, President Ho Chi Minh worked with Ha Huy Giap on disseminating “Good doings and good people”.

By Duong Trung Quoc* and co-writers
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Hong Nhu

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