November 11


Nguyen Ai Quoc arrived in Guangzhou city, China after being assigned by the Communist International to keep track of the Chinese farmers’ movement and join a delegation of Russian consultants to the Kuomintang Government. It also gave him a chance to mobilize patriotic Vietnamese youths living there.

President Ho Chi Minh talks to soldiers at the Hung Kings Temple in Phu Tho Province in 1954 (File photo)

He composed a poem titled “Song thap nhat” (Double 11) about the international situation while in jail in Guangxi, China.
Kháng Nhật cờ bay khắp Á châu
(Resisting Japan, flags fly throughout Asia)

Cờ to, cờ nhỏ chẳng đều nhau
(Big flags, small flags, [they] are not equal)

Cờ to đã hẳn là nên có
(There must be big flags)

Cờ nhỏ dù sao thiếu được đâu
(However, small flags can’t lack. )
He called a representative of Vietnam News Agency in Bangkok from Viet Bac Resistance Base, saying: “President Ho Chi Minh congratulates Dr. Dang Van Ngu on returning to the Fatherland.”
An intellectual trained in Japan, Dr. Ngu managed to find his way home where he made signal contributions during the two resistance wars and made sacrifices.
Cuu Quoc (National Salvation) published an article by the President titled “Letter to male and female French friends who fight for peace.”
It said: “Don’t discriminate between male and female, young and old, and workers, farmers and intellectuals. We respect you and keep track of your struggles. All of us pursue a goal, our attempts will surely defeat the imperialists soon.”
Cuu Quoc published his article titled “Heroic Mother” in praise of families that had three to five children joining the army and been honored by the Government.
He composed a poem for a mother in Viet Bac who had nine children in the war.

Cả nhà kháng chiến 
(The whole family joins the resistance)

Muôn thưở rạng danh
([This] brings fame to [the family] for all times )

Nêu gương dân tộc
([The family] sets a national example )

Việt Nam quang vinh
(Vietnam is glorious)
On the same day Nhan Dan (People) published another article of his, “Volunteer Youth Team.”

In it, he said: “It is a school to train youths through practical tasks … We need to consolidate and develop the volunteer youth team to ensure further resistance and train officials in future.”
In a reply to French news agency Agence France-Presse, he said: “The best basis is understanding, honesty, trust in each other, equality, and mutual benefit according to the principle of give and take.
“The Vietnamese people and the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam will work ceaselessly to unify the country in a way appropriate under the Genèva Agreement.”
Receiving two scientists who came as envoys of the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry to find ways to end the US’ war in Vietnam, he said: “We are ready to roll out a red carpet and scatter flowers for the US to withdraw. But if the US doesn’t withdraw, [we] have to drive it away…
“Tell President Johnson and McNamara that Ho Chi Minh only wants peace … The US has to withdraw from Vietnam and then President Johnson can come here to talk or if he invites me to Washington, I am willing to go. But firstly the US has to leave us alone. The US has to end the war.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Minh Loan

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