November 15

Nguyen Ai Quoc met Pierce Pasquier, an official from the French Ministry of Colonies who later became Governor General of Indochina, to discuss building a temple for fallen Indochinese people in World War I.

Nguyen Ai Quoc said dead soldiers’ wives and children should be cared for. “The US has let the Philippines to self govern after ten years, Japan has also let Korea have self rule after 14 years. Why has France yet to do anything in Indochina?”

A file photo of President Ho Chi Minh

Nguyen Ai Quoc wrote to the French Human Rights Alliance Association to express seven urgent requests of the Vietnamese people: granting amnesty to political prisoners, reforming laws, free press and speech, free establishment of associations, free meetings, and freely going and traveling abroad.

He also suggested the association intervene and ask the French government to implement these requirements.
At the graduation ceremony of the 5th class of the Vietnam Official Training School, President Ho Chi Minh said, “You have to obey the Government’s instructions, make people love you and be diligent at work and set an example for compatriots.”
On the same day, he attended a school-year-beginning ceremony of the first class of the Vietnam University, which was acquired from the Indochina University.
He thanked compatriots for supporting the “Soldiers’ Winter” movement.
“Defense coats, which compatriots will send to soldiers in this cold season, will not only help soldiers keep healthy to protect the country but also make them always think of the warm love of compatriots in the rear,” he said.
Su That (Truth) published his article titled “Disease of arrogance.”
The article said, “Each person and all of us have to completely eradicate the diseases of pride of being hurt and being self-important. They are two dangerous diseases for morality and work.”
At a Government meeting, regarding the case of Tran Du Chau, director of the Military Supplies Department, who was condemned to death for embezzlement, he said, “We have to be partly responsible for the case, since we don’t have a proper policy on officials. We were born in a backward society, which was influenced by colonialism and feudalism and an old society of being greedy for fame and gain. Fame and gain spoil people easily.
“Now, we use officials to improve society but don’t have any policy to improve officials, it is a shortcoming. When looking for officials, [we] have to focus on talent, virtue and thought. If officials love people and respect people’s properties, there won’t be such unfortunate cases. We usually treat people with indulgence. Leaders have to be encouraged to self-criticize and criticize.”
In an article “Appeal to puppet soldiers to return to the Fatherland”, he wrote, “I’d like to call upon you to come back to the Fatherland quickly, you will be treated kindly.”
In an article, “Industry and thrift,” published in Nhan Dan (People), he wrote, “Being industrious to enhance labor capacity. Being thrifty to raise funds for expanding production. Being thrifty but not industrious will be useless. If industrious but not thrifty, empty hands will remain empty.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Minh Loan

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