November 2


In “Thoughtful care” written in a satirical style by Nguyen Ai Quoc in the Communist Party of France’s L’Humanité newspaper, he denounced France’s ruling policy in its colonies and rejected propagandist argument by its governor general in Indochina, Albert Sarraut.

The file photo showing President Ho Chi Minh meeting farmers in Hung Son Commune, Dai Tu District, Thai Nguyen Province, in 1954.

November 1929

Nguyen Ai Quoc left Thailand for China to prepare for the establishment of a united revolutionary organization for Vietnam. During his stay in China, where he assumed the name Thau Chin, he built a revolutionary force among the Vietnamese community there.

His departure from Thailand was later described in “Stories about President Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary career” by Tran Dan Tien.

The author wrote: “He knew well about the situation in the country. He left Thailand for two reasons -- first, the Vietnamese Nationalist Party was preparing for an uprising and he wanted to discuss it with the Party and second, the New Vietnam Revolutionary Party and the Revolutionary Youth League of Vietnam separated and set up a communist party of its own.

"Thus, there were three communist parties in Vietnam at that time. The Revolutionary Youth League of Vietnam was developing well despite the French’s suppression, but that separation worried patriots, since it would weaken both of them.”


During his detention in China by Chinese militarists, Ho Chi Minh was moved to Tong Zheng jail in Guangxi Province where he composed “Tong Zheng,” the 44th poem of his “Prison Diary” in Chinese. The poem was later translated into Vietnamese by poet Nam Tran.

In English, it reads:

Tong Zheng is like Ping Ma [where he was previously jailed]  
A bowl of gruel per meal could not fill me up
But water and light are abundant
The cell door opens twice a day


Cuu Quoc (National Salvation) magazine published a reply by President Ho Chi Minh to some journalists who asked for his comments about US President Truman’s statement on October 26, 1945.

He said: “The US says it does not think of expanding its territory and it believes sovereignty will be returned to every nation. It says it does not approve any territorial change that is made without the consent of the nations concerned, that every nation has the right to choose its own political institution, and that no government should be set up by using force.

“Therefore, the Vietnamese people appreciate the statement and believe that the US will make it come true soon for the sake of peace and happiness for humankind and primarily for small and weak countries.”


In “Congratulations and support to Algeria” in Nhan Dan (The People) newspaper, the President wrote: “The Vietnamese and Algerian peoples were ‘brothers’ in the fight against colonialism. Today they continue to support each other in building their country.” 

In “Cattle raising should be done well” he wrote under the pseudonym T. L. in Nhan Dan, the President spoke about the importance of taking care of cattle, especially in cold weather, since the animals were important for farming. He also listed some examples for farmers to follow and improve cattle raising.

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Truc Thinh

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