November 21

Vietnam Doc Lap (Independent Vietnam) published a poem titled “Young herdsmen” composed by Ho Chi Minh to promote the patriotic spirit of young people.

President Ho Chi Minh meets with children in Nghe An Province in 1961 (File photo)

Vì ai, ta chẳng ấm no?
(Because of whom are we not well off? )
Vì ai, ta đã phải lo cơ hàn?
(Because of whom do we worry about poverty and coldness?)
Vì ai, cha mẹ nghèo nàn?
(Because of whom are parents poor?)
Vì ai, nhà cửa, giang san tan tành?
(Because of whom are homes and the country destroyed?)
Vì ai, ngăn cấm học hành?
(Because of whom can’t we go to school?)
Vì ai, ta phải chịu vành dốt ngây?
(Because of whom do we suffer ignorance?)
Ấy là vì Nhật, vì Tây. Ra tay vơ vét, đọa đày chúng ta
(It is because of Japan and France who have pillaged and damned us)
Cùng nhau đánh đuổi Nhật, Tây
(Together, fight against Japan and France)

Anh em ta mới có ngày vinh hoa
(We will have a glorious day)
"Nhi đồng Cứu quốc" hội ta. Ấy là lực lượng, ấy là cứu Sinh.
(National Salvation Children’s Association is a force to save the country)
Ấy là bộ phận Việt Minh
(It is an organ of Viet Minh (Vietnam Independence League)
Dân mình khắc cứu dân mình mới xong
(It will be done if our people save our people)
Regarding the issue of education at a Government Council meeting, President Ho Chi Minh said, “We have accomplished many education goals better than France” and these achievements must be advocated.
On the same day, on the occasion of the opening of a Far East Conference in Washington, he sent a message to the US Secretary of State saying that “Vietnamese people have fought for over one month regardless of the bloody repression by British, Indian, French and Japanese armies. Their aspiration is to live in freedom and independence, and for the cause of building democracy. Vietnamese people express their sincere hope that all liberal nations in the world, which are implementing ideas on tolerance and humanity expressed in President Truman‘s speech, will recognize independence of the Republic of Vietnam and end the conflict and killing in Vietnam.”
At a school year beginning ceremony of the first Class of the Army Medical School at the Hanoi Surgery Institute, the President said, “[You] have to study hard and practice five virtues: ardor, sacrifice, humanity, solidarity and discipline.”
Nhan Dan (People) published an article titled “The US is good” which he wrote under the pseudonym D.X.
Regarding US citizens’ unyielding fight for peace, he wrote: “Last time, I wrote: America is bad, it is America of imperialists. This time, I write: America is good, it means (America) of  the American people.”
In the “Letter to Tay Bac soldiers and people,” he said, “Our resistance will surely win a victory, but [it] has to be long [and we have to] suffer hardship and stand on our own feet. People and soldiers in Tay Bac have to ardently join the resistance together with people, soldiers and officials nationwide to fight against French and US enemies and gain independence for the Fatherland and happiness for the people.”
At the 9th conference of the third-tenure Party Central Committee which opened while internal situations of communist and international worker movements had been complicated, he said, “This conference is an international solidarity conference.”
On the same day, giving an interview to Akahata of the Japanese Communist Party, he said, “The issue of Southern Vietnam has only one solution: the US imperialist withdraws from the South to let Southern people solve their tasks according to the Geneva Agreement.” 

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Yen Thi

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