November 23


Receiving a delegation of ethnic minorities from Tuyen Quang Province that was visiting Hanoi, President Ho Chi Minh said: “Before our country achieved independence, the people of the province had showed their patriotism and supported the Viet Minh (League for the Independence of Vietnam) in the struggle for national liberation.

President Ho Chi Minh visits Nghe An Province, his native land, in 1961 (File photo)

“Now that our country has become independent, I, on behalf of the Kinh ethnic people, would like to thank the province’s ethnic minorities. Despite achieving independence, our country faces a lot of difficulties and we even have to make more sacrifices than ever. Everyone, from poor to rich, must unite to safeguard our independence.

“Please tell the province’s people that the Government and I love the Man and Tho ethnic minorities very much, treat them as family, and want them to continue contributing to keeping the peace for the sake of the nation.”

Attending a Government Council meeting held to discuss economic issues the same day, he said: “Diplomatic and economic affairs are linked to each other. Foreigners will support us if we can launch an economic program that benefits them…”

In a message to US President Truman, he called on powerful countries in the world and international relief organizations to support Vietnam to help it cope with the famine”.

He signed a decree to set up a special inspection committee to supervise civil servants and a special court to try civil servants charged with wrongdoing.   

He also signed another decree to establish the Oriental Archaeologic Academy.


Amidst tension caused by French colonialists in Vietnam, Cuu Quoc (National Salvation) newspaper published a “Letter to Vietnamese, French, and the world’s people” written by President Ho Chi Minh.

It read: “When it comes to humanity, the blood of the French and Vietnamese is the same, and both Vietnamese and French are human beings. A lot of Vietnamese and French blood has been spilt.

“Vietnamese and French share the same concepts of liberty, equality, fraternity, and independence. They can and need to join hands in sincere and equal cooperation for the happiness of both nations. It is the Vietnamese people’s aspiration. I hope that the French and the world’s people understand that aspiration.”   
Through the Radio Voice of Vietnam, the President launched an appeal to the people in response to aggressive acts by French troops in Hai Phong. He said: “We need to stop the bloodshed among Vietnamese and French people. I call on everybody to keep calm and soldiers to be ready to safeguard the fatherland’s sovereignty and protect foreigners and their properties. The Government always stands side by side with the people in protecting the country.”


In a message to the southern people and soldiers, the President advised: “Following the brave tradition of the southern Uprising, we must unite closely and step up our resistance war to break the enemy’s scheme, which is ‘to feed war with war and to use Vietnamese to fight Vietnamese’, drive away invading troops, and achieve true independence and unification for our fatherland.”

Translated by Minh Tam

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