November 9


Nguyen Ai Quoc attended a meeting held by the Socialist Party of France on the third anniversary of the establishment of the Soviet Russia (November 7).

French spies continued to keep tabs on his political activities.

File photo of President Ho Chi Minh


French newspaper La Vie Ouvrière published three articles by Nguyen Ai Quoc titled, “British Colonialists’ Policies,” “Workers’ Movements,” and “Japan,” in which he expressed his interest in the international proletarian movement.


Speaking at the closing session of the second meeting of the first National Assembly, President Ho Chi Minh hailed the NA’s passing of the Constitution.

He said: “This is our country’s first Constitution and one of the first in any East Asian country. It announces to the world that Vietnam is an independent country, that the Vietnamese people have full freedom, and that Vietnamese women enjoy equal rights with men. It also manifests the great unity among the various ethnic groups and equality between social classes in Vietnam. 

The same day the President sent a congratulatory message to the Soviet Union's Government on the 29th anniversary of the Russia's October Revolution.


In a letter to the Tran Quoc Tuan Infantry School on the opening of the new school year, the President wrote: “In olden days, Tran Quoc Tuan [a Vietnamese national hero in the 13th century] defeated the Yuan invaders, who were far stronger than our enemy now, and at that time the country suffered more hardship than it does now. Today, we must be determined to follow that spirit of undaunted struggle to defeat the French colonialists and claim true independence for our country…”
He also advised: “You should practice gymnastic exercises to improve your health, learn military techniques to perfect your skills, and foster you revolutionary morale and virtues.”


On hearing that his elder brother, Nguyen Sinh Khiem, had died in Nghe An, the President sent a letter to his relatives in which he wrote: “To all of my relatives of the Nguyen clan… I was very sorrowful to hear about the passing of my brother. Since I am carrying out national missions in a distant place, I could neither return home to visit him when he was ill nor be present at his funeral. "Alas! I confessed my faults to his soul and hope that everyone will forgive me for my absence. After all, I am a person who has had to sacrifice personal feelings for the sake of the country’s interest.”


Visiting the air force’s Regiment 921 that were protecting the capital, the President said: “Our ancestors achieved glorious military victories on some rivers like Bach Dang and Ham Tu and on land like at Chi Lang, Van Kiep and Dong Da. Today, we have launched an air front and we must achieve victories on that front. That task is assigned to you.

“Vietnam’s military art is unique. Despite primitive weapons, our ancestors achieved many victories in fighting off invaders. You should follow that tradition in the fight against our enemy. Do not fear their modern air force. Act like the Southern people who attack them even with their bare hands.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Vinh Tho

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