September 12

In a case relating to Nguyen Ai Quoc in Hong Kong, at his 9th trial, his lawyer protested against eight points in the court’s verdict, saying that the verdict was aimed at handing over the internee to France, and this violated Habeas Corpus.

The lawyer asked the court to leave him, also known as Tong Van So, free to go where he wanted. Finally, the courted accepted his appeal to the Privy Council.
The President began closure of his final efforts to save the unsuccessful Vietnam-France negotiations.
He wrote to overseas Vietnamese in France, saying “That love is very valuable, we are much moved and thank you. I and the mission are going back home, we’d like to say goodbye and advise you to strictly show solidarity, try to advocate for and support the Fatherland in all aspects, practice “New life”: being diligent, thrifty, pure and honest, and each of you should be expert at an occupation to return home in future to help build the country.”

Overseas Vietnamese and French people hold a parade to welcome President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese Government’s mission to Paris in 1946 (file photo)


He wrote to people in Interzone III, North Vietnam.
The letter said, “Like a long trip, when arriving at the destination, [the traveler] is usually tired, it is harder and harder when the resistance is reaching success. We have already shown solidarity, now we have to show it more closely. Don’t be discouraged when being defeated, don’t be arrogant when winning. In the front, as well as the rear, all of you have to be determined to fulfill your duties of fighting to save the country. Thus, the resistance will surely win like the August Revolution.”

On the occasion of the Mid-Fall Festival, he wrote to children and teenagers, beginning with a poem:
Trung Thu trang sang nhu guong
(The moon is bright like mirror at the Mid-Fall Festival)

Bac Ho ngam canh nho thuong nhi dong
(Uncle Ho is contemplating a scene and missing children)

Sau day Bac viet may dong, gui cho cac chau to long nho thuong
(Following, I wrote to you to express my missing)
The letter said, “Nowadays, you are children. In future, you will be masters of the country and the world. [If] you show solidarity, the world will be peaceful and democratic, and there will be no war. [If] you love, try, show solidarity and compete together, the resistance will soon win and the Mid-Fall Festival will be more joyful.”
Quan doi Nhan dan (The People’s Army) newspaper published his article, “Poison causes paralysis of the whole body and kills people rapidly.”
The article was about chemical weapons and precautions. He said, “A soldier who is trained thoroughly will not be destroyed or injured badly by chemical weapons.”
In reality, not much later, the US began to use many chemical weapons on the Vietnamese battlefield.
At a Politburo meeting on planning in Hanoi, he said, there had to be comprehensive planning for construction, it should be implemented step-by-step and in both inner and outlying districts of the capital. There had to be many trees. Roads had to be straight. The underground sewer system had to ensure hygiene and the railroad system had to be located appropriately.
On the same day, at a conference to review the agricultural cooperative movement, he said, “We have established cooperatives in an aim to improve farmers’ lives. Cooperatives have to be developed firmly and with industry and thrift.”

By Duong Trung Quoc and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Minh Yen

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