September 28


Nguyen Ai Quoc took a job at a photo shop at 35 Froidevaux in Paris, France. French spies continued to keep an eye on him.


In “The Office of Censorship in Indochina” published in French newspaper L’Humanité, Nguyen Ai Quoc denounced the censorship in French colonies.

He wrote: “Thus the native peoples are being killed and looted by colonialists and are deprived of their most basic rights, including the right to correspondence.

“The infringement upon personal freedoms and rights has proved the vile policy of the French colonialists and their abuse of power in colonies.”

The same day, Nguyen Ai Quoc attended a meeting to discuss the operations of Le Paria newspaper that was facing financial problems.


Nguyen Ai Quoc wrote: “It is not the militarism, but…” in L’Humanité, denouncing the French Government’s policies to set up military apparatuses in their colonies.

“If considering the fact that the military expenses in 1921 was more than 35.6 million francs while the spending on education and healthcare was less than 350,000 francs and 65,000 francs respectively, we will know about the ‘goodness’ of the colonial ruling policy of the French who often invoke humanity and disarmament.”


In “Sharing food and clothes” in Cuu Quoc (National Salvation) magazine, Ho Chi Minh wrote: “Dear compatriots: From January to July this year, two million people died of hunger in the North, and then the flooding occurred, making the situation worse. When we are holding a bowl of cooked rice in our hands and think of miserable people, we cannot but be touched with pity for them.

“Therefore, I want to call on people around the country to do one thing, which I will be the first to do – donate one meal every 10 days or three meals every month to people in need. That way we will help the poor survive while waiting for the next crop, avoiding starvation.

“I believe that everybody, with their inherent benevolence, will be ready to fulfill my appeal. On behalf of the poor, I thank all compatriots.”


President Ho Chi Minh chaired a Defense Council meeting, which was later described in Finance Minister Le Van Hien’s diary as follows: “It rained heavily and the wind was strong … The storm was getting stronger by noon, knocking down trees outside so the meeting was stopped many times before going on until midnight. The meeting focused on major issues, including the autumn-winter plan, the 1949 program, and the resistance apparatus. This meeting of the council achieved many good results.”


In a congratulatory letter to the third conference of the Vietnam Unified Buddhist Association, the President wrote: “Every Buddhist in the country, from North to South, is implementing the Buddha’s instruction to ‘Bring benefit and happiness to everyone; sacrifice yourself for the sake of others.’

I wish all Buddhists would continue to contribute to the building of Vietnam into a peaceful, unified, independent, democratic, and prosperous country.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
* The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Ngoc Dung

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