September 5


President Ho Chi Minh received Vietnam’s former King Bao Dai in Hanoi, who arrived from Hue. Later the same day, the President visited the former king, who had become Counselor Vinh Thuy, at 51 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hanoi, where he stayed under an arrangement by the Government.

Since the French troops, that followed the British ones, had entered Vietnam in an attempt to set their power in Indochina, the President launched an “Appeal to National People” that read: “Dear compatriots! We Vietnamese welcomed the Allied troops coming to Vietnam for disarming the Japanese army, but we resolutely object to the arrival of the French troops because their purpose is to put the Vietnamese nation under the yoke of slavery again. A number of French troops have entered the country. Everyone should be ready to fight them under the Government’s orders.”

President Ho Chi Minh speaks at the third Congress of the Labor Party of Vietnam on September 5, 1960 in Hanoi (File photo)


Talking with soldiers, police and cadres before going on patrol in the capital, the President advised: “It is hard to learn a good thing and it is quite easy to commit to a bad thing. For instance, a mountain climber will experience hardship before he reaches the top of the mountain. But if he made even a small mistake, he can fall down from that top to an abyss.

“During the resistance war, you have acquired many good virtues. However, there are some who were very courageous in the war, not retreating in face of bombs and shots, but when returning to their normal life, they were so seduced by money and gold diggers that they were disoriented and committed mistakes or crimes. Therefore, the enemy’s weapons are not as dangerous as “sugar-coated bullets,” since they can attack us in a way that is invisible to us.

“To keep your personality and avoid degeneration, you should always practice the four things I often tell you: 'Diligence, Thrift, Integrity and Uprightness.'”


In his opening speech at the third Congress of the Labor Party of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh welcomed the participation of international delegations at the event through two lines of poetry:

“We are of the same family despite where we come from
Proletarians from around the world are brothers.”

The President stated that the Vietnamese revolution’s achievements "were not created by the Party alone, but they were created by the entire people. The revolution is the career of the public, not the career of any heroic individuals.

“Our Party has achieved many great victories, but it has still committed some mistakes. Yet, we have never hidden our mistakes, on the contrary, we sincerely conduct self-criticism to correct those mistakes. We are never self-satisfied with our victories. Our Party can be proud of being an heir of the nation’s glorious traditions and being the pioneer for our people to move towards a bright future.”


In an interview with French newspaper L’Humanité run by the Communist Party of France, the President said: “Our people have an extraordinary will, based on our self-respect, which is that we want to live as normal human beings, not as slaves. This concept is also correct to our intellectuals who are always attached to the nation’s culture.

“We lose nothing except fetters. Although we have had a war with the French colonialists and have suffered injuries caused by the war, we are still friends to the French people, and we will never mistake the French people for French colonialists.”

By Duong Trung Quoc and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Truc Thinh

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