Building more terminals relieving traffic congestion proves effective : Experts

Dr. Pham Van Hung from the Sub-Institute of Transport Science and Technology in the Southern Vietnam said at a seminar that construction of beltring roads around the airdrome, stations and taxiways proves to be effective in alleviating traffic congestion.

Traffic congestion around Tan Son Nhat Airport (Photo: SGGP)

Traffic congestion around Tan Son Nhat Airport (Photo: SGGP)

The HCMC Institute for Development Studies (HIDS) and the Department of Transport yesterday held a seminar on tackling traffic congestion around Tan Son Nhat Airport with the participation of representatives from Government agencies and road construction firms and traffic management solution consultants.
Transport Engineering Design Incorporation (TEDI) said whilst waiting for synchronous solutions to connect traffic, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee asked it to design Y-shaped overpass beginning at Truong Son Street and splitting to funnel into the domestic and international terminals.
At present, TEDI is considering the efficiency of construction of a new terminal in the military land given back by the Ministry of Defense to raise its capacity to 43 million passengers a year.
In addition to building fly-over leading two new terminals T1 and T2 to tackle the worsening traffic congestion around the airport, TEDI is considering another option which build the third terminal for both military and civilian use.
Professor Nguyen Trong Hoa, former president of HIDS, it is necessary to take heed to urban development principles to solve traffic gridlock in the airdrome’s premises. The planning and construction for national defense and security must be top priority, however, it should be flexible.
Meantime, experts said the government should pay attention to technological applications in coordinating traffic, increasing information of traffic culture to enhance the projects’ efficiency.
Deputy Head of the Department of Transport Nguyen Van Tam stressed that projects’ goals aimed to exploit the existing traffic system yet the government must pay heed to site clearance.
The department will consider further on proposals of street construction to relieve traffic overloads as well as ensure defense security.

By QUOC HUNG - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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