City CPI on March down 0.29 percent

According to report by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Statistics, the consumer price index (CPI) on March 2013 was down 0.29 percent in comparison with the previous month.

In the 11 key groups of commodity, six groups decreased including food and food services  down by 0.60%; beverage and tobacco fell by 0.35%; garment group decreased by 0.08% ; traffic means groups decreased by 0.34%; cultural entertainment by 0.37%; groups of goods and services fell 0.62%...

Other groups stood still or did not increase significantly, but the group of housing utilities, electricity, water supply , gas and construction materials rose 0.38%.

For illustration (Photo: SGGP)

In particular, in the months just some groups of food items increase over the previous month like beef (+1.01 percent ); fish sauce (+2.46 percent ); milk butter cheese (+0.86 percent ); tea, coffee (+0.21 percent ), ... electricity, water and gas group has the highest index in the group price index, in which the prices of construction materials increased by 0.5 percent  ; service repairs (+0.18 percent ); drinking water (+1.11 percent); electricity (+1.78percent ); burning fuel  (+1.10 percent)

Particularly gas reduces on average of 1.09 percent  over the previous month due to gas prices continue to drop VND 4.000 per 12kg bottle in the market since the first day of the March 2013.


Over the same period and over the previous 12 years the consumer price index (CPI) in March 2013 will turn up at: 2.85 percent  and 1.15 percent  (previous year 13.06 percent  and 2.35 percent ).


If compared with the beginning of the year, the level of appreciation of the first 3 months of 2013 is lower than the first three months of 2012, the average figure per month in the first three months of 2013 increased by approximately 0.39 percent as compared with the similar figure (on average per month for the first 3 months in 2012) of 0,78 percent.

Source SGGP, translated by Dan

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