City holds Search and Rescue Drill in event of natural disaster

The Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention, the Committee for Search and Rescue, the Army High Command, and the Department of Firefighting and Prevention in Ho Chi Minh City, in coordination with the People’s Committee of District 12 held a Search and Rescue Drill on September 28 in the possible event of a natural disaster.

The scene of the drill (Photo: SGGP)

The first hypothetical situation created was due to a strong tropical depression in the East Sea, when the City is lashed by heavy rains along with strong winds.

The force of the wind is so great that roofs are blown off houses and trees are uprooted along roads.

A big tree falls down on a car, trapping two people inside and another big tree falls on a house and three locals are buried inside the flattened house.

The Army High Command, firefighters, police in the district, medical workers and employees of the electricity company were present at the scene to perform rescue work.

Firefighters, police officers and medical workers saved the trapped people and rushed them to hospitals while electricity employees and workers of community services tidied up the spot.

The second hypothetical situation was that of a storm making land fall in HCMC with gusts upto level 12, and the local government warning people not to travel outside and boats being forced from going to sea.
However, a boat sets out to sea with eight fishermen and later hits a barge, resulting in capsizing in the sea with all eight onboard.

The Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention, the Army High Command and Police Officers quickly implemented rescue work and the eight fishermen of the wreck are plucked to safety.

By Anh Tuan – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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