City Standing Committee to Renovate and Strengthen Its Apparatus

On June 21, the Party’s Ho Chi Minh City Standing Committee announced a scheme to restructure the committee's departments,  staff in offices of socio-political organizations within the City, aiming at renovating and strengthening the apparatus of the government.

Accordingly, several boards under the City Standing Committee will integrate with one another to help cut down the number of staff. The merger will strictly be carried out on the basis that all facilities and assets of each unit due for integration will be handed over in their existing condition to the newly formed, merged unit.

There will also be a simultaneous transfer of personnel from existing units to new units.

The City’s Standing Committee said it would set up a project to reorganize the Office of the city National Assembly Delegation, the People’s Council and the People’s Committee.

Under the restructure, the City People’s Committee is urged to implement schemes to merge corporations and companies within the same sector and to separate trade and production companies from governmental departments and branches so that they can conduct their business independently in conformity with the Business Law.

By H.T.S – Translated by Phuong Lan

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