City to celebrate Tet with eight firework displays

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has approved a proposal to hold eight firework displays on February 10, to celebrate Tet Lunar New Year.

The locations for the firework celebrations will be the entrance area of Saigon River Tunnel in District 2; the National Cultural and Historical Park in District 9; Ben Duoc Memorial Temple in Cu Chi District; Dam Sen Cultural Park in District 11; Go Vap Cultural Park in Go Vap District; Can Gio football yard in Can Gio District; Nga Ba Giong Memorial Area for Heroic Martyrs in Hoc Mon District; and Lang Le-Bau Co historical relic site in Binh Chanh District.

The firework display at the entrance of Saigon River Tunnel will be the most beautiful show with highest altitude displays in the sky.

All the other displays will last for 15 minutes, starting midnight of February 10 (first day of Lunar New Year).

The cost of the fireworks will be covered by Saigon Tourist and public donations mobilized by the People’s Committees and district   authorities.

Last Tet, the City celebrated Lunar New Year with only six firework displays.

translated by MT

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