City to improve pinnacle sports

Ho Chi Minh City will improve the current deadlock on some sports that many people are interested in, announced city’s Party Committee in a dispatch issued on Monday.

Vu Thi Nguyet Anh grabbed a silver medal in the women's U-50kg division at the 16th Asian Games. (Photo:VNA)

The dispatch is the instruction circular of the resolution of the 9th city Party Committee Congress which was held in October.

In the dispatch, the committee asked sport officials to choose most favorite sports such as soccer, volleyball, ping-pong, bicycle racing, athletic, swimming and badminton to develop in the coming year.
They are also required to analyze real situation, causes of weakness in city’s sports in recent years and outline measures to bring into play its strong points.

The committee also asked local authorities to speed up building a sport exercise center for developing city’s sports in the coming time.

The resolution of the 9th city Party Committee Congress focuses on enhancing effectively operation of sport federations and building the Rach Chiec Sport Complex.

The resolution also presses policies to train good coaches and athletes and focus on popular sport activities in the city.

Recently, city's pinnacle sports have been failed to achieve high results in both national and international competitions.

By Hong Hiep- Translated by Thanh Huong

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