City to support poor households to celebrate Tet Festival

Nguyen Van Dua, vice secretary of the Party Committee in Ho Chi Minh City, has asked all agencies and departments to take special care of the poor and impoverished during the Tet Lunar New Year festive season.

He has asked leaders of all departments and agencies not to waste time on attending parties but to visit families who are poor or close to the poverty line as well as welfare beneficiaries and those who have contributed in the war for the freedom of their homeland.

In addition, Mr. Dua has banned them from using department money to buy gifts or receive presents in any form.

The Party Committee has asked the local governments and unions to list families who are under welfare brackets or on the poverty line so has to provide them with support for the Tet festive season.

Besides, low-income families, lonely elderly people, indigenous ethnic minority groups, students, and poor workers are on the list of people to receive support.

The Party Committee wants the City to conduct a movement to encourage state-run employees to contribute a day’s wages to contribute to poor households.

By Hong Hiep - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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