Deputies seek questions at session of HCM City People’s Council

Representatives from the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee will answer questions from three directors in the three day 16th session of HCM City People’s Council, which opens on July 7, said the council’s chairwoman, Pham Phuong Thao.

Deputy Lam Dinh Chien asked when the numerous road works, which effect residents’ lives, will be completed

In the current economic downturn, some businesses have either received reduced or orders, leading to layoffs. Unemployment has risen, but there has been an influx of foreign workers, especially laborers, many of whom are illegal immigrants, said deputy Truong Trong Nghia.

This not only influences domestic workers but also adds to social disorder and insecurity, he added.

Mr. Nghia wondered whether the number of foreign workers in the city is highest in the country, and how many did not have work permits and who would take over responsibility for illegal workers in the city.

Deputy Nguyen Minh Huong expressed her worries about food hygiene and safety, as it directly affects people’s health.

She said relevant agencies are relaxing their oversight and simply expected some measures to solve the problem.

In a different query, 944 households are waiting for a place to settle. While the city’s Party Committee has previously announced that it would provide better accommodation, some resettlement buildings are substandard and districts have not conducted assessments of living and jobs in resettlement areas.

The deputy wanted to know if the city will provide shelters for the 944 households.

Deputy Lam Dinh Chien asked when the numerous road works, which effect residents’ lives, will be completed.

Relevant agencies said they have done much to rectify the situation, yet the constructions are poorly managed and built and are lax in safety. City leaders should provide exact time when constructions must be completed, Mr. Chien added.

Deputy Le Thuong Man questioned how the departments of Natural Resources and Environment, and Health control companies that get paid to treat toxic waste but dispose of such waste poorly.

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By Van Anh - translated by Uyen Phuong

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