Different management fees at different apartment buildings

Residents of apartment buildings in Ho Chi Minh City have to pay various kinds of fees monthly as the city’s authorities have not set up any regulation on apartment buildings’ service fees.

As there is no regulation on apartment buildings’ service fees, the buildings’ managers rely on size, quality and location of their buildings to set the fees (Photo:Minh Tri)

Phan Ngoc, living in Ditrist 8’s Dong Dieu apartment building, said “I have been living here for 10 years. The building is getting aging now, with many cracked walls, but the building’s management department still does nothing.”

“The building’s monthly maintaining fee, meanwhile, increased to VND66,000 (US$3.3) from VND30,000 this year. The management department said the fee was to pay for the maintenance, which is carried out once a year. But I have not seen any maintenance since I moved to the place,” Ngoc said.

He also added that residents living in the building have just been asked to pay VND25,000 per month for fire alarming and preventing system, which was already installed at the outset.

“Parking fee also rose to VND90,000 per motorbike for a month from VND30,000 without explanations,” Ngoc told Dau Tu Tai Chinh Newspaper.

People living in the building at 107 Truong Dinh Street in District 3 also have to deal with unreasonable fees, including the maintenance fee of VND6,600 per square meter for a month, management and service fee of VND660,000 per month and monthly parking fee of VND90,000 per motorbike and VND1 million per car.

“A monthly service fee of nearly VND2 million ($100) is too expensive. Middle-income earners definitely cannot afford it,” said Kim Hong, a resident of the building.

Dang The Phong of the apartment building H1 in District 4, said “the management department usually announced a total fee without listing the detailed amount of each payment.”

“We have to pay VND400,000 ($20) monthly for hygiene service, fire prevention and public lights. We also have to pay elevator using fee of VND25,000 per head for a month as our apartment is on the top of the building,” Phong said.

Truong Nghi of the apartment building Bau Cat 2 in Tan Binh District, said apartment residents had to give security guards at the parking ground “bonus” to make sure that their vehicle will not be hit by other ones running in and out the area.

Experts said the service fee of apartment buildings in town were different as the city’s authorities has not set up any regulations on service fee of apartment buildings.

Ma Duong Hoang of the Topaz – Saigon Pearl building’s management department, said “the service fees of apartment buildings are the sum of payments for services including elevator, electricity and water supply maintenance, insect prevention, fire preventing system, lights for the common corridor areas and security.”

“Despite the increasing input costs this year, the service fees of apartment buildings rose by VND400 per square meter only,” Hoang noticed.

Phung Nguyen Duc, director of property firm Vietreal, said “apartment building managers relied on size, quality and location of their buildings to set service fees. Therefore, the fees of the buildings in downtown are usually among the highest.”

Analysts recommended that the HCMC People’s Committee should release regulations on apartment building’s service fees to curb the abuse of charging fees at apartment buildings.

By Trieu Nhan and Minh Tuan – Translated by Vu Minh

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