District 1 authority demolishes sidewalk encroachment construction

A team of police and urban management officers led by Deputy Chairman of district 1 in Ho Chi Minh City Doan Ngoc Hai, yesterday penalized illegal occupancy of downtown sidewalks.

Flower bed in the Center for Political Education on Nguyen Trai Street was demolished (Photo: SGGP)
They re-arranged state-owned buildings first. For instance, the team demolished flower bed in the Center for Political Education on Nguyen Trai Street and ATM machine in front of the center which encroach the pavement.

Additionally, the team penalized cafe shops and stores which used sidewalk as their property.

At the crossroads of Nam Quoc Cang and Nguyen Trai, a building owner was fined VND20 million as it used the pedestrians’ path to park motorbikes and cars.

Some cars were towed away because the owners refused to cooperate.

Mr. Hai said that the authorities will carry out this campaign thoroughly, and violations by public agencies will be the first to be penalized to set an example for the people to follow. District 1 People’s Committee has assigned ten chairpersons of wards to re-arrange the order in 134 streets.

Before, the People’s Committee has strictly criticized seven public workers  and remove one man from his post for neglecting street order.

By Van Anh - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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