District 5 sees no low income households

District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City no longer has families with an income below of VND16 million (US$ 753.920) per capita,  according to the city’s Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction Department on July 30.

District 5 is the first district of the city to finish the program to reduce poverty households for the period 2014-2015. The last period, district 3 was the first district to finish the program.

Last year, the city instructed to raise its poverty line to VND16 million per capita for the 2014-15 period.  Under the city's current poverty line, households with an income of less than VND12 million per capita are considered poor.

In the early phase of the period 2014-2015, district 5 has 90 poor households, accounting for 0.2 percent of the district’s total households with income under VND16 million per capita.

The district has used effectively the fund to reduce poverty.

District leaders took VND200 million (US$ 9,422) from the state budget to provide to the fund. Ward authorities also called for social contributions from all sectors in the ward. Thanks to their efforts, the fund has reached to VND6.9 billion (US$ 325,164).

Accordingly, the district has helped increase poverty households’ income over VND16 million per capita since then.

By Duong Loan – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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