District 7 asked to ensure education quality for children

Overcrowded streets in front of the Industrial Park Tan Thuan when workers finish their work time. District 7's population steadily increases

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Council asked district 7 to closely monitor the quality of education as well as the safety of children in all private pre-schools and day care centers in the district.

Ms. Tran Thi Ngoc Anh, head of the Cultural and Social Affairs Board of HCMC People’s Council informed all district leaders of this precautionary move in a meeting on January 7.

There are 19 public pre-schools and 48 private educational facilities in the district. Most of them work well and follow regulations. 

However, the districts population is steadily increasing, especially those of workers. The district now has over 62,000 workers. Classes are becoming overcrowded threatening the quality of teaching. Moreover, illegal day care centers have sprung up for low income working families.

Ms. Ngoc Anh said that the district should construct institutes for children of age five and below and also district leaders must ask the Industrial Park Tan Thuan to reserve land for the construction of schools for children of workers.

The district must also ensure that all children under the age of five find a seat in a school.

By L. Linh - Translated by Van Huyen

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