Government agencies, businesses enthusiastically participating in ICT contest

The annual the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Awards has been held in HCMC for the 11th time this year. So far, it has attracted the participation of various groups in the community, many of whom have been able to introduce promising solutions and products.

Citizens are searching for planning information at the office of the People’s Committee of District 12. (Photo: SGGP)

Citizens are searching for planning information at the office of the People’s Committee of District 12. (Photo: SGGP)

Several businesses in the category of value added services have already submitted their contest documents. Certain prominent papers are ‘CMC Cloud’, a cloud computing platform by CMC Telecom taking advantage of stable international cable systems with a high speed of 10Gps to ensure a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.99 percent; ‘Software Service’ by HPT Vietnam Corporation to deliver optimize administration and trading solutions which meet international standards thanks to advanced technologies like IBM, SAS; and ‘Electronic Bill Service’ by HCMC Telecoms to reduce bill printing cost and minimize risks of bill loss or damage.

One very notable paper is, an Online to Offline trading platform by TK25 INC to direct buyers to their nearest chain shop for the brand name of their wish. This product, which exploits Azure cloud computing and iOT hardware, is able to effectively connect customers – brand name – product / service. It has already received many awards in famous contests like i-Star 2019, the national TechFest 2019, and iOT Start up 2018.

In the field of urban flood fighting, the Saigon High-tech Park Laboratories (SHTP Labs) submitted the solutions ‘Perfecting Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) Technology in Producing Sensors for Water Level Monitoring’ (in the program ‘Piloting Support for Commercializing High-tech Research Results in SHTP Labs from 2017 – 2018), and ‘Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing Monitoring Equipment at Severely Flooded Spots in the Innovative Urban Area of HCMC Having Smart City Technology’ (in the program ‘Developing MEMS Industry from 2017 – 2020’).

In the category of applying IT into state offices, District 12 and the HCMC Department of Health have reported their significant works.

District 12 People’s Committee is one of the three piloting units for the project ‘Transforming HCMC into a Smart City from 2017 – 2020, with Vision to 2025’. It has issued the Plan No.47/KH-UBND-VP, focusing on upgrading its IT infrastructure as well as specific information systems. It has launched the online public service portal at the address of chỉ to perform 18 level-3 procedures in the fields of economy, urban management, labor management, legal issues, and common procedure for the People’s Committees in wards. Until November 1, 2019, there were 4,554 documents submitted via this portal.

Thanks to this interactive portal to citizens, the local authorities in District 12 were able to timely inform the public of the latest policies and guidelines of the Central Party and the government while being able to collect data on residents’ satisfaction level. Simultaneously, the local state management receives feedbacks and inquiries from citizens via popular social networks such as Zalo, Facebook, along with the website Vticket and the information handling system SocialBeat.

Similarly, the HCMC Department of Health introduced its information portals at the addresses of and to serve both citizens and businesses. For the management and operation tasks, the department has launched its document management system at while it administrates finance and salary via the software MISA and the system respectively.

The HCMC Health Department also runs its formal online public service portal at from January 2019 with 56 level-3 and level-4 procedures, increasing the use of online public services in general to 80 percent. Statistics reveal that the department’s ability to process documents has continuously increased since 2017 (with 2991 papers) to 2019 (13,438 papers so far).

Other useful websites regarding the medical field is the medical license search portal at and document status at

These IT implementations have proved their productivity as they can reduce citizens’ waiting time and support officers to better manage their tasks or develop proper strategies to serve the public in HCMC.

By Staff Writers – Translated by Vien Hong

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