HCMC announces its excellent young citizens in 2019

The municipal authorities of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) this morning organized a ceremony to honor 12 outstanding young citizens in 2019. Among them, some were born in the city itself while others migrated from neighboring provinces, yet they all share the passion to create a better and more sustainable HCMC which is worth living.

Hoang Trung Hieu (second from the left) is working with his research team in the Vietnam National University HCMC – University of Science. (Photo: SGGP)

Hoang Trung Hieu (second from the left) is working with his research team in the Vietnam National University HCMC – University of Science. (Photo: SGGP)

When being a freshman in the Vietnam National University HCMC – University of Science, 23-year-old Hoang Trung Hieu frequently visited lab rooms to observe his seniors and teachers doing their scientific research. In the second year, he immediately signed up for research teams of the university to aid international researches and their implementation into reality in Vietnam.

Most of his participating researches concern artificial intelligence (AI), the most prominent of which is ‘Handling pictures from traffic cameras’ – identifying vehicles and noticing abnormal details. This research has a great impact in smart city development since it helps to track vehicles using their appearance and then discover irregular issues automatically, more effectively ensuring traffic security.

Until now, the operation center for a smart city has finished integrating more than 1,000 cameras of several state departments. Therefore, Hieu’s research will be an excellent application to monitor traffic status in the whole city.

From this foundation, Hieu deepened his study on ‘Automatically separating subjects in video clips (vehicles, human beings, objects)’. The new research aims at creating potential materials for the entertainment industry as well as serving its original purpose of realizing abnormal actions for traffic investigation.

Discussing his studies, Hieu shared that ‘Recently, HCMC has tried its best to transform into a smart city making use of achievements of Industry 4.0. I am well aware of my role as a young scientist to actively contribute to this process. This is my way to express my gratitude toward the place that has nurtured my dreams’.

Hieu’s latest research named ‘New method in classifying Colonoscopy images’ has an immense meaning in smart healthcare. These classified pictures are considered an effective assistant to help doctors in their elimination and diagnosis of diseases while significantly reducing treatment time.

Another outstanding figure to be honored is Pham Quang Thong, a 34-year-old doctor in the Operation Department of Cho Ray Hospital. He has 17 projects and articles published in domestic and international journals.

His most prominent work is a research about EGFR gene recently introduced in Asia-Europe Journal of Clinical Medicine and Cancer. This study is especially useful in treatment for any patients having this genetic mutation, prolonging their life.

Another result of his many researches name ‘Histopathologic grading and expression of Synaptophysin and GFAP of medulloblastomas’ has been widely applied in hospitals since 2015 to increase diagnosis precision for more than 100 patients suffering from this serious disease.

“Better late than never’ is the motto of Pham Quang Thong when he first worked in Cho Ray Hospital. He often actively helped his colleagues, learning a lot of useful knowledge and experience from them. That was a strong foundation for his research later.

At the moment, he is studying tumors in plasma cells.

Besides the two excellent scientists above, other outstanding young citizens of HCMC in 2019 include

  • - Associate Prof. Dr. Dao Nguyen Khoi, 34 years old, Vice Dean of the Environment Department in the Vietnam National University HCMC – University of Science. He has around 60 articles about environment management tasks and climate change published in domestic and international journals.
  • - Pham Tuong Van Khanh, 14 years old, from An Lac Junior High School. She has great achievements in the national Chinese Chess Contest
  • - Le Duc Anh, 33 years old, Deputy Director of the Food Processing Factory under Cholimex Co. He has innovative ideas to improve working performance and helps his company’s revenue increase by VND2.5 billion per year (approx. US$107,635). He won the title ‘National Best Young Worker’ and Ton Duc Thang Awards 2019.
  • - Nguyen Ngoc Huong, 28 years old, Deputy Director of Thien Nhien Viet Import Export Co. Ltd. She won the first position in the National Innovative Startup Contest for Rural Young 2019 thanks to her vegetable powder products
  • - Ngo Quoc Anh, 32 years old, from the Economic Division of Binh Thanh District. He has several practical ideas and solutions to support residents in their business registration process, applying IT in administration reform and in public administration services to level 3 and 4.
  • - Nguyen Thi Thu Diem, 28 years old, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Long Phuoc Ward in District 9. She has many solutions to improve the quality of activities in her organization.
  • - Senior Lieutenant Tran Le Bao, 28 years old, from the Division of Investigating on Drug Criminals under the HCMC Department of Public Security. He collaborated with his team to solve various cases of drug purchase in HCMC.
  • - Huynh Nhu, 28 years old, athlete in the Sports Center of District 1, Head of the Vietnam Female Football Team that has just won the gold medal in SEAGAME 30. She also actively joins in activities to raise funds for the poor.
  • - Nguyen Thi Hoa, 29 years old, and Tchiu Hien Phuoc, 28 years old. They are circus performers in Phuong Nam Theater. They have won many awards in domestic and international circus festivals in Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, and France with their show ‘Love Moment’.

By THU HUONG – MAI HOA – Translated by Thanh Tam

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