HCMC implements measures to fight flooding

Ho Chi Minh City is implementing many measures against flooding in the city according to a report of the municipal Steering Center of the Urban Flood Control to the People’s Committee yesterday.

A representative from the steering center said that it eliminated 49 flooding spot among 58 places deceted in 2011 by constrict and improving sewage systems for 24 places. The center will continue building projects to solve flooding in 9 remaining places.

The steering center said that after completing construction of Tan Hoa-Lo Gom canal, 33 spots will not suffer flooding any more.

It is scheduled to handle 27 out of 33 flooding places which arose last year in 2015. Six remaining places will be handled in next years. For 29 newly detected flooding areas, the center will treat 9 spots in this year and 20 in next years.

The city has 26 flooding places due to high tidal. The center will make its concerted efforts to fight 25 flooding places out of 26 places in major streets.

The steering center will implement urgent measures to fight flooding including dredging, sewage system maintenance in flooding prone areas and install valves to prevent high tides. He center will liaise with related agencies to carry out synchronous measures.

By Dinh Ly - Translated by Anh Quan

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