HCMC Police Prevent Koreans from Taking Illegal Brides

The Ministry of Public Security’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation on Social Order yesterday cooperated with Ho Chi Minh City Police to prevent an illegal arrangement of the marriages between Vietnamese girls and Korean men; they were discovered at a café in Go Vap District.

On the first and second floors of the building, the police discovered nearly 60 Vietnamese girls waiting for two Korean men and a woman to choose from among them.

This illegal activity is arranged by individuals looking to profit on the girls’ poverty. They go to the rural areas of southern provinces in search of young girls and bring them back to HCMC to expose them to, and train them for, a more modern life. The girls wait in HCMC until they are selected by a foreigner for marriage.

As such marriages are illegal, the meeting-places are often changed to avoid police detection.

For every selection meeting, each foreigner has to pay about VND5 million (US$300).  When they choose a girl, they will pay thousands of dollars.

After yesterday’s confrontation, the police detained four Vietnamese for investigation.  The three Koreans were charged with entry violations (an immigration issue), and punished accordingly. 

By L.C.Q. – Translated by Xuan Huong

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