HCMC to launch promotional month

A slew of programs will be launched in Ho Chi Minh City by the end of this month in response to the annual promotional month, taking place from September till December.

HCMC will start the promotional month 2016 with many discounted programs to stimulate Vietnamese goods demand by the end of August (Photo: SGGP)

This year, the largest promotional activity will attract 2,300 businesses and 5,000 business households from traditional markets and shops at 7,000 spots across the city.

According to the city Department of Industry and Trade, 2016 is the 11th consecutive year of the program. At present, preparation for the promotional month has completed to provide big discounts on various types of goods and services.

Customers will have a chance to buy consumer goods, fashion, electronic and home decoration items, food, cosmetics, medicines and telecom, banking, hotel and tourist services at the discount of 5-49 percent together with presents and goods on approval.

Goods and services in the program must have clear origin and ensure quality standards that businesses have registered with the organization board, and not belong to the banned list according to the law.
Businesses must publicly post goods information and prices at selling spots.

Inspectors from the Department of Industry and Trade and the Market Management Agency will tighten control over goods quality and origin under the program. Besides, the department has sent a dispatch to 24 districts requiring them to intensify supervision of promotional activities by local traders.

Violators will be penalized at the highest level and might be banned from attending the program in the following years.

The promotional month 2016 will be opened with a goods and service fair at Phu Tho Indoor Stadium by the Support Industry Development Center.

Mobile sale programs will bring discounted items to low income citizens and workers in the outskirts of the city and industrial parks and export processing zones.

There will have big discounts at the weekend during the program. Of these, ten groups of goods comprising electronic items, furniture, home decoration goods and catering and amusement services will see the discount of up to 30-50 percent.

This year, the department will organize an online promotional program to welcome the National Holiday on a website it designs. Lasting from September 2-10, the website will concentrate on providing tourist, hotel, catering and amusement services.

A yearend festival will give citizens opportunities to buy low cost goods online to meet surging shopping demand at that time. Besides, many spots selling promotional goods will be opened along streets.

A consumption and tourist fair will close the promotion month with 400-450 stalls to facilitate citizens’ shopping for Tet festival celebration.

The Department of Industry and Trade reported that last year the event lured 2,000 enterprises and 4,000 business households who implemented various promotional programs at 6,200 spots with the total cost of VND2.2 trillion (US$98.6 million).

Total revenue reached VND57,292 billion (US$2.57 billion) in September alone, up 2.1 percent over the previous month.

The city’s promotional month has been hosted annually to stimulate consumption, contribute in boosting production and maintain socioeconomic growth rate.

The program gives a chance for businesses to introduce their goods and for citizens to do shopping at low prices. It also aims to attract local and foreign visitors to effectively implement the campaign ‘Vietnamese give priority to consumption of Vietnamese goods.’

By Thuy Hai – Translated by Hai Mien

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