Hiep Phuoc Port Urban Area Needs US$8-10 Billion For Development

General Manager Pham Hong Quan of the Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company (IPC) had an official working session Thursday with HCMC National Assembly delegation and chairwoman of People's Councils of HCMC to discuss the development project of the Hiep Phuoc port urban area. As planned, the project will need a capital of US$8-10 billion.
Mr. Tran Hoang Tham (L) and Mrs. Pham Phuong Thao go on an inspection tour along the Soai Rap River

The city's NA delegation led by Mr. Tran Hoang Tham, also welcomes the appearance of Ms. Pham Phuong Thao, Chairwoman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Councils.
The Hiep Phuoc Project which includes installing a container terminal called Central Container Terminal of Sai Gon and developing a industrial zone was predicted to cost US$8-10 billion in Nha Be District. Mr Quan reported.
The delegation also went on an inspection tour about the transport along the Soai Rap River. The delegation concluded that IPC must organize one more meeting with theme of the ground in the area of Soai Rap River and clear the waterway to allow huge vessels to transport along the river in late August.
The city already had a plan to dredge the bed of Soai Rap River to ensure a depth of twelve meters available for the huge vessels of which capacity is around 70,000 tons to land or depart from the new container terminal. 
 The officials also noted that two sea routes, including Soai Rap and Long Tau would become more important to the seaborne import and export of city in the coming time. 
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By Ng.Khoa – Translated by Truong Son

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