List of NA voters posted up in HCM city

On April, 17th the lists of voters who will take part in the election of National Assembly deputies and HCMC People’s Counsil’s deputies ( expected to be held this May ) were posted up in the head offices of districts and wards in HCM city.

The lists are on the solemn and publicity spots.


On the same day, voters have detected many cases when names of voters  had been wrongly typed or voters who had died or had moved to other resident areas…The responsible persons welcomed the information and those faults have been promptly corrected..


In another development, the third consultative conference held by the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee on April 15 passed the official list of 182 candidates nominated by central agencies to run for the 13th National Assembly.


Voters in resident area 1, ward 5 , district 3 checking their names in the list

Candidates will be given 15 days from May 3-18 to campaign for their bids through voters’ conferences.


Other methods of campaigning are also allowed consistent with law and not later than May 20, which encourages candidates to contact voters to raise public understanding of the candidates and make right choices for the right representatives.


The adoption of the list, however, does not mean the inspection of candidate eligibility will end after the third consultative conference, the Central Elections Council General Secretary Pham Minh Tuyen said at the meeting.


“If any error is later found concerning candidates in the list, the Central Elections Council will reconsider and treat the case regarding candidacy consistent with law,” emphasised Tuyen, who is also Head of the Candidate Eligibility Taskforce.


Even after the elections, the status of an elected NA deputy will be considered and treated in line with the law if that deputy is found to be breaching any of the five qualifications for an NA deputy, he concluded.

Localities nationwide yesterday held the third round of consultative conferences to set the final lists of candidates running for the upcoming elections for the 13th National Assembly deputies and 8th People's Council deputies for the period of 2011-16.

Delegates at the consultative conference held by the Presidium of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front Central Committee adopted an official list of 182 candidates in the NA election, nominated by centrally-run agencies and organisations.

Addressing the conference, NA Vice chairwoman Tong Thi Phong praised the efforts made by the committee in organising the consultative conferences to introduce candidates for the upcoming elections.

Ms. Phong, who is also holding the post of Party Central Committee Secretary, stressed that there were many things that still needed to be done, including the compiling of lists of candidates for different constituencies and creating conditions for candidates to meet voters.

At its third consultative conference, Ha Noi officially concluded the list of 40 candidates for the NA election. Women account for 37.5 per cent and young people make up 15 per cent on the proposed list.

HCM City also announced a short-list of 41 candidates for the elections.

Nine of them are not members of the Communist Party of Viet Nam.

They include 12 women and two belonging to ethnic minorities. Twenty are post-graduates while the rest have university degrees. Three are aged below 35.

Four of the candidates are self-nominated but all received between 55 and 100 per cent of votes at the meeting.

With 11 others nominated at the central level, the total number of candidates who will contest to represent HCM City is 52.

The northern province of Nam Dinh officially introduced 12 candidates for the NA election. Among the candidates, women account for 50 per cent; non-Party members 16.6 per cent; young people 25 per cent and Catholic followers, 8.3 per cent.

The province also introduced 107 candidates for the People's Council election.

The northern mountainous province of Bac Kan introduced eight candidates for the NA election. In terms of structure, three candidates are female and six candidates from ethnic minority groups of Tay, Dao and Nung were short listed.

The northern province of Bac Giang agreed to introduce ten candidates for the NA election, of which ethnic minority candidates account for 20 per cent; young people, 40 per cent; non-Party candidates, 20 per cent and women, 40 per cent.

It also adopted a list of 127 candidates for the People's Council election

Source SGGP, Nhan Dan- Translated by Tri Dan

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