Mechanisms, policies should not discourage scientists: HCMC party leader

HCMC Party Committee Secretary Dinh La Thang on February 17th asked relevant agencies to work together to soon remove unsuitable policies that are discouraging scientists at a working session with the Department of Science and Technology.

Secretary Dinh La Thang states at the working session with the Department of Science and Technology on February 17th (Photo: SGGP)

At the event, director of the department Nguyen Viet Dung proposed city leaders to remove policy barriers such as household register regulation and financial mechanism to better attract investments and talents to develop science and technology in the upcoming time.
According to Mr. Dung, the policy requiring cadres and officials to have family register in HCMC to be recruited at government agencies has hindered the attraction of oversea and domestic good scientists especially overseas Vietnamese intellectuals to the field.  Therefore he suggested casting off the policy. Sectary Dinh La Thang concurred with the proposal saying authorized agencies should coordinate to solve the issue soon.

Mr. Thang queried the Department of Home Affairs’ representative that why the household register policy does not involve prostitution, thieves and drug but applied to intellectuals. He proposed the department to consider settling the issue because that has set up a barrier in attracting talents for the city development.
In addition, financial mechanism capping wage and bonus payment for scientists has also been a barrier. Scientists have been time consuming to draw the balance sheet and sometimes forced to lie to make the final account. Secretary Dinh La Thang said that scientists were highly self-respecting so they should not be forced to lie. He asked the Department of Finance to acquire the opinion, propose solutions and be patient to tackle the issue.
Talking about city efforts to develop science and technology, deputy chairman of the city People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem said that last year the city signed 12 decisions to untie policies.
According to Mr. Dinh La Thang, science and technology field has contributed to the city’s getting of important socioeconomic targets. However he admitted that the field still shows many limitations. For instance, it has yet to become a motive force to improve labor productivity, competitiveness and boost socioeconomic development.
There are no solutions strong enough to encourage businesses and attract investments to do scientific researches and renew technologies. Four key industries and nine major service fields of the city have been short of leading scientists, he added.
These limitations have the instructing responsibility of the city party leader and People’s Committee and consultant responsibility of the Science and Technology Agency. The agency’s leaders have few conducted field trips to keep a close eye on the practice and see difficulties of businesses and scientists, Mr. Thang pointed out.

He proposed the agency to speed up implementing Resolution 20 on science and technology development of the central executive committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, resolutions of the 12th Central Party congress and the 10th HCMC Party Committee congress and remedy the shown limitations.
The agency must be the commander of the city’s science and technology industry showing its ability and responsibility to help city party and people’s committee leaders well carry out science and technology strategies in the upcoming time, he said.

By Gia Quang – Translated by Hai Mien

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