Online instruction: outdated

Most departments and governmental offices have websites to receive feedback more easily and to present administrative formalities more widely. These websites, however, have not been updated for some years and have caused much trouble for citizens with outdated information.

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade’s website still shows the contact address of the former Department of Trade in Ly Tu Trong Street, despite it having moved to Hai Ba Trung Street when the departments of Industry and Trade were amalgamated.

The website has also not been updated with new regulations and administrative procedures, including those issued nearly one year ago.

“Outdated information makes me go around and around for nothing,” said Nguyen Thi Gai, living in Nha Be District, who wants a wine license for her restaurant.

The website of the Department of Planning and Investment has an overview of economic and social status of the city. Despite it being a portal for investors, its most up to date information displays economic information about by 2007.

The city's municipal government website is user-friendly but presents invalid information and regulations, which has made Nguyen Minh Giang, from Binh Tan District, miss many career opportunities because he did not think that he qualified to be a HCMC citizen.

According to the website, people who want to be a HCMC citizen must have lived in the city for at least three years and own a house of at least eight square meters per person. Mr. Giang has been living in the city for two years and owns a small house but did not apply as he did not think he was eligible.

He has recently found out that he is entitled to city citizenship, as the information is outdated and invalid.

“I don’t understand why they built the website, as they don’t care for it. It’s such a waste of money,” said Mr. Giang, adding that by not updating information they have caused a lot trouble for citizens.

There are more than 100 websites of departments, organizations and governmental offices in Ho Chi Minh City but most of them are abandoned, causing large losses for the budget.

Many believe the situation needs to be improved.

By Han Ni – Translated by Sao Ly

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