Photo exhibition, reading book movement launched in district 8

Commission for Propaganda and Education of Party Committee in district 8 in coordination with Ho Chi Minh Museum and local Culture House organized a photo exhibition and launched month-long reading books movement about Uncle Ho, aiming to boost learning and following Uncle Ho’s idea and ethics.

Students can find books about Uncle Ho at the exhibition (Photo: SGGP)

Additionally, book reading movement aims to develop a reading habit amongst people.

According to Deputy head of the Commission Le Thi Kim Dung, the commission will select local police station, people’s committees in wards 3 and 16, and Vo Van Kiet Senior High School to display photos and books of Uncle Ho.

District authority will continue to exhibit photos and books to other places so that every one can read one book. Furthermore, administrators will increase information of benefit of reading books amongst people.

By Hong Hiep - translated by Uyen Phuong

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