Re-elected city chairman pledges urgent resolutions

Le Hoang Quan, chairman of the HCMC People’s Committee, told Saigon Giai Phong newspaper on June 22 soon after his re-election for another term, that the Ho Chi Minh City administration will address all pressing problems, especially key projects in the city with great urgency. 

Le Hoang Quan, chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee (Photo: SGGP)

Mr. Quan said the administration will not implement projects on a large scale but will focus on each project individually until completion. This will minimize disrupting public life and prevent appropriation of funds.
For the time being, city authorities need unanimous support of the public to resolve traffic jam, pollution, environmental and inflation issues.  
Chairman Quan said the city’s administration has done their utmost to curb inflation, keep the economic growth balanced with the city’s economy and implemented good social welfare policies to help the poor.
The city attained significant achievements in the period 2006-2010 but several problems still remain unresolved.
As head of the city Steering Board for Anti-corruption, he said fighting corruption was always one of the city’s primary duties.
The city considered anti-corruption an important, urgent and long-term goal for socioeconomic development in the city, he added.
Mr. Quan said the city has actively supported social organizations and citizens to fight corruption.
He said that the anti-corruption fight was not just the duty of the steering board but also of State agencies at all levels, every authority, Party member and citizens. Authorities must implement strict policies to fight and prevent corruption so as to set an example for citizens.
The city chairman thanked all the Party and administrative committees, agencies and voters for their support and pledged to remedy shortcomings and face future challenges to develop the city.
He also pledged to tighten his relationship with voters and listen to their concerns.

By Van Anh, Hong Hiep – Translated by Hoang Yen

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