Saigon Railways uncovers counterfeit Tet train tickets

Nguyen Van Thanh, deputy head of Saigon Railway Station on Wednesday said that station authorities are coordinating with the Police Department in Ward 9 of District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City to investigate the source of counterfeit train tickets uncovered by them.

Counterfeit tickets (L) are hard to differentiate from the original because of similarities in colour and appearance (Photo: SGGP)
When a female passenger requested a reimbursement of a train ticket on Monday, on train SE16 from Saigon to Vinh City with departure date January 17, the station staff noticed something amiss on the ticket and realized it was a counterfeit and handed it to the station management for further check.

The management board of Saigon Railways found their staff suspicions to be correct as the ticket had serial and seat number not matching with that of the passenger list of the station.
The matter was reported to the police in Ward 9, to further confirm their doubt of the ticket. Police officials investigated and uncovered a total of 55 counterfeit tickets and seized a USB drive containing over 100 samples of train counterfeit tickets. The case is now under thorough investigation.

According to Thanh, the colouring of the counterfeit tickets and appearance looked like the original tickets, making it hard to differentiate between the two. The only visible difference that could be detected was that the name of the passengers had diacritical markings on the counterfeits but not on the originals. Besides also, the serial and seat numbers did not match with those on the station’s passenger list.

Thanh has warned all passengers not to buy tickets outside the station counter and from agencies that have not been authorized by Saigon Railways Station to sell Tet tickets, names of which are posted on the station website: .

By Dinh Ly – Translated by Hai Mien

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