Sawaco proposes to increase water price

Saigon Water Corporation (Sawaco) has completed a water price increase project in the phase of 2017-2020, sent to authorized agencies for consideration, to have funds for improving water supply quality, safety and reducing water loss ratio to below 10 percent.

Workers installing a water supply route in HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

Workers installing a water supply route in HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

That was said by deputy director general of Sawaco Bui Thanh Giang a company party committee conference yesterday.
According to Mr. Giang, water loss ratio in HCMC was 42 percent in 2010, reducing to 32 percent in 2013. The ratio quickly dropped during this phase because the city approved new water price list creating funds for the company to implement solutions to tackle the issue. At present, it is still high and unstable at 26.34 percent.
Mr. Giang said that water loss reduction has been insufficient because underground work construction has affected water supply piles.
In addition, when spotting water leaking spots, the company cannot repair it immediately but wait till night to prevent from affecting traffic. This has contributed to the water loss volume increase.
Talking about the target of lowering the ratio to below 10 percent by 2020, Mr. Giang said that was a very difficult mission because of large investment capital, which only looks forward to water price increase.
At the conference, Ms. Vo Thi Dung, deputy secretary of the HCMC Party Committee, appreciated the company’s efforts to supply clean water for households in the city and ensure quality.
About water price, the city People’s Committee’s policy is that the price must be able to make up costs. Therefore, the company’s proposal to hike the price is suitable with the policy. Ms. Dung said she would work with the committee about the proposal.
Standing deputy secretary of Sawaco party committee said that Sawaco will continue developing water supply network in the city, striving to obtain the target that 100 percent of households will have clean water.
However, water supply plants’ capacity now totals 2.4 million cubic meters a day but they have operated at only 1.8 million cubic meters because underground water exploitation has not reduced as per plan.
Mr. Le Huu Quang, head of Sawaco’s customer service department, said that water supply network investment and underground water exploitation control must synchronize and accord plan. However, HCMC has been unable to control the exploitation of underground water.
The number of wells used by residents and businesses in the city has the capacity equivalent to two large water plants. Sawaco has attempted to install water meters for residents but tens of thousands of meters show 0 cubic meters a month.
District 12 has nearly 5,000 water meters, accounting for 15 percent in the district, use 0 cubic meter a month and nearly 21,600, making up 21 percent, run less than 4 cubic meters a month.
Similarly, 22 percent of customers in Hoc Mon district do not use water meters and 34 percent use very little.

By KIEU PHONG – Translated by Hai Mien

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