Several men prosecuted and detained for disturbing social order

The police in HCM City yesterday issued decisions taking criminal proceedings against and detaining two men for “disturbing social order”.

 Nguyen William Anh (wearing a black T-shirt) climbs the special car (photo VOV)

Nguyen William Anh (wearing a black T-shirt) climbs the special car (photo VOV)

Trương Hữu Lộc, born in 1961 and living in Tân Bình District who  regularly livestreamed on his Facebook account, calling on people to stage and attend protests.

According to the case file, Truong Huu Loc holds  a lot of criminal records. Loc set up Facebook pages, distorted the guidelines of the State and directly incited people to gather and cause disorder over recent days.

During the National Assembly's meeting to discuss the Law on Special Administrative Units and the Law on Network Security, Loc was posting video clips on the social network defamation, calling for the overthrow of the government.

At the police office, Loc initially admitted to criminal offense and sought the State's clemency.

Besides Loc, the police also arrested Nguyễn William Anh, a US citizen born in 1985, who was staying in Ward 5, District 3.

Public security forces in HCM City determined that reactionary organizations in exile had played a role in inciting and providing funds for dissidents in the country to organize and incite people to gather to the street and cause disorder

Nguyễn William Anh entered Việt Nam on June 9 as a tourist.

On June 10, Nguyen joined the crowded gathering at Hoang Van Thu Park, Ho Chi Minh City, taking photos, filming and posted them on his personal Facebook and Twitter.

He then joined the crowd along Nguyen Van Troi road to the city center. On the way, Nguyen William Anh called for people to break the fence, flip police cars of police and militia.

At the Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa – Lý Chính Thắng intersection in District 3, Nguyễn William Anh asked the police to remove specialized vehicles so that the crowd could pass.

When his request was not granted, Nguyen William Anh climbed on top of a vehicle and called on the crowd to pass through.

His acts were recorded on video by the police, which were used as evidence for his disturbance of social order.

After consolidating files and evidence, on June 15, the municipal police issued emergency arrest warrants on commencing criminal proceedings against and temporary detention of Nguyễn William Anh for disturbing social order.

Also on June 15, the Police Investigation Police of Binh Thuan province also issued a decision to prosecute the case of "disturbing public order, destroying property and fighting the personel on duty" to investigate the people involved in the disturbance occurred in the area from June 10 to the morning of June 12.

Source: VNS

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