SGGP Newspaper wins several Journalism Awards

The Ho Chi Minh City Journalists' Association organized the 30th Journalism Awards Ceremony on June 20, which was attended by Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Vice Secretary of the HCMC Party Committee and member of the Party Central Committee.

The organizing committee of the 30th HCMC Journalism Awards selected 33 works divided into five categories from tens of thousands of reports and articles that have been published in print, electronic newspapers and television.

Co-writers Thach Thao-Ai Chan-Mai Huong from SGGP Newspaper won the first prize in the Group 3 Category of news reports, surveys, investigation, documentary reports-- for their series of articles titled “Mot thoi tuoi tre biet xung phong” (period of youth volunteers).

Also in Group 3 Category, writers Ho Thu-Duong Loan-Khiet Nhung from SGGP Newspaper won the third prize for their series of reports “Xam nhap duong day chay bao lanh hoi gia” (Disclosure of bribes to get out of prison).

Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, vice-secretary of HCMC Party Committee (front row, 2nd R) and Than Thi Thu, head of Education and Propaganda for Party Committee (front row, Ex L) present awards to journalists (Photo: SGGP)

In Group 2 Category of comments, reports, editorials--writers Thuy Hai-Hai Ha-Uyen Chi, also from SGGP Newspaper, won the second prize for their series of reports “Cho dung cua hang Viet” (Where Vietnamese goods stand); while writers Nhu Hoa-Binh Thuy won third prize for their articles “Dien mao showbiz Viet” (Vietnamese showbiz Appearance).

The series: “Huong den nen nong nghiep hien dai,ben vung“ (Orientation to modern, sustainable agriculture) written by SGGP staff won the second prize in the Group 5 Category for collective works.

The Political-Social Section of SGGP also received a certificate of recommendation from the Vietnam Journalists' Association.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Than Thi Thu, head of the HCMC Party Committee for Education and Propaganda, stressed that HCMC Newspapers are coherently conveying credible and important news and communicating policy guidelines and directives of the Communist Party and the State as well as the legitimate aspirations of the people. They truly reflect on new problems covering all aspects of social life, solutions to these problems, and the efforts and developments in the city and the country.

On this occasion, the HCMC Party Committee also decided to double the prize money for this year’s Journalism Awards so as to make it more encouraging for journalists.

Source SGGP, Translated by Dan

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