Total investment capital of BRT adjusted

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport said yesterday the city green transport development project - building bus rapid transit (BRT) on Vo Van Kiet and Mai Chi Tho was adjusted with total investment capital of US$ 131million, a decrease of over US$ 12.7million compared to last preriod.

A model of BRT station

The management board of urban transport investment & development proposed the solution to build two new lane BRT with total length of 3.8km on Mai Chi Tho (starting from Dong Van Cong to Cat Lai intersection), aiming to reduce traffic jams.

It is estimated that around 6,000 passengers per day will use this route for the first year's operation (2019). Next years, the number of passengers using the BRT is expected to increase and by 2026 it will be able to reach 25,360 passengers a day.

However, motor/car parking lots are far away the BTR therefore it proposed to build motor parking lot at bus stops.

The department suggested the people's Committee to invest high speed-buses from the city's green transport capital and encourage the private sectors to join in buying high speed-buses as per its green transport plan.

Q.Hung-Translated by Thien Thanh

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