Vietnamese Enterprises Provide Extra Wage for Laborers During Tet

A monetary bonus is becoming the regulation for the lunar New Year, Tet, with many Vietnamese enterprises giving an extra month’s pay to their employees.


Workers will get an extra month's pay for Tet

“ThangLoi has 900 employees and we are planning to give each person a gift worth up to VND 400,000 plus extra month’s pay,” said Huynh Thi Kim Bac, head of Administration Department of ThangLoi International Textile in Ho Chi Minh City, “We will support transportation tickets to 100 workers in order to help them return home in the central provinces.  Those who have been working for over three years will get an extra bonus of VND 300,000 to VND 600,000.”


 “Most enterprises located in District 6 are also planning to give lunar New Year bonuses,” said Phan Thi Lan, Chairman of District 6’s Labor Union.  There are only three companies that don’t comply with the 13th wage bonus to their employees.


“We will organize a musical program before lunar New Year for laborers.  We are mobilizing the sponsors to give gifts to laborers who are living in the central and northern provinces,” said Lan.


Thap Kim Company is giving each worker VND 6 million with the engineers receiving VND 11 million, said Director Nguyen QuocTien.  There will be up to VND 50 million bonuses to each group based on satisfactory performance.


Freetrend Company has planned to give an extra month’s wage for their long-term workers and is in process of creating a bonus program for their disadvantaged employees, said the union chairman.

Source: SGGPO -Translated by Thuy Giang

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