Waste recycling day held in HCMC

The Recycling Day was held yetserday with the aim to increase public awareness of reducing waste and recycling, as well as boosting “green” consumption and protecting the environment.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Ho Chi Minh City and related agencies jointly hold the tenth festival themed “3t in production and stable consumption” ( 3T in Vietnamese means reducing, re-use and recycling).

The department said waste from daily activities reaches 8,000 tons a day and most of them are buried.

The waste increases by 10 percent a year.  Thus it organized the festival to raise awaranese of people on reducing the quantity of waste. People will receive information of classify and recycle waste through competition, exhibition of the effects of dangerous waste to environment, the city’s environment protection activities during ten years (from 2008 to 2017), exhibition of energy saving models, water and sustainable agriculture models.

Especially, the department held a week to collect dangerous waste. Accordingly, people brings waste, such as batteries, dynamos, fluorescent light tubes and chemical containers in exchange for gifts. The festival with practical activities contributes to attach economic growth with environment protection for a clean city.

By Anh Phuc – translated by Uyen Phuong

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